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All Things Mochi Tassa Dress Kendra Scott David Yurman Raleigh NC

I am obsessed with All Things Mochi >> the line is globally-inspired and based in Dubai. Lots of amazing embroidery and tassels + boho, flowy shapes. All of which I love. This dress spoke to me on all of the levels. It even inspired my accent nails (see below) by Cameron at PAINTBASE North Hills >> book online here! Shop the links below and you can shop some other Mochi faves by hopping over to Like To Know It. 

<< 1. Mochi Tassa Dress (I also adore this one) / 2. Coral Necklace / 3. Ring here, like this version too (while we're on DY I'm obsessed with these / Shoes - similar here and here >>

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All Things Mochi Tassa Tassel and Embroidery Dress Summer 2017 Southern Arrond

All Things Mochi Tassa Dress Kendra Scott David Yurman Raleigh NC

All Things Mochi Tassa Dress David Yurman Southern Arrond

All Things Mochi Tassa Dress Southern Arrond

All Things Mochi Tassa Dress David Yurman Southern Arrondissement Blog

All Things Mochi Tassa Dress David Yurman Southern Arrondissement Blog


Millennial Pink: Gazelle Edition

 Millennial Pink ADIDAS Gazelles
After pinning the image below a few months ago I've been dreaming of pink Gazelles. They remind me of high school (lol), but the color is obviously what hooked me. I'd looked around the interwebs a bit at the time and couldn't find them anywhere; fortunately the Millennial Pink thirst is strong enough that they've resurfaced! I got mine at Nordstrom and they sold out, but they're also available here. I agree with some of the reviews, they're a tad big; I ordered a half-size down and they're perf.

 Millennial Pink ADIDAS Gazelles


Summer Beauty Buys

So I've had a second to sit at the computer and put together a post (we're at the beach + it's raining). I've gotten hooked on some really delightful beauty products lately and I thought I'd share them with you. I'm not the biggest product junkie in the world but when I love something I like to share it! I'll give you an overview and you can shop the image above!

Beautycounter is doing amazing things on all of our behalf as a brand, and I've got several personal faves, the sunscreen is 100% amazing + health conscious while also smelling good. We constantly sell out of it at PAINTBASE. It's a moderate 30 SPF and you can feel good about using on your little ones.   

I'm basically obsessed with Herbivore in general. There's not one product I don't like. I have been regularly using the Citrine ultra-hydrating body oil. I like this scent better than the Jasmine, and I, for some reason, have always hated applying lotion - this goes on so much better than lotion for me and absorbs really quickly. Less messy. But the hydration effect is legit. 

I don't always wear lipstick, but when I do it's mostly Chanel (or NARS. Or Smith and Cult). I love the matte effect of this lip color, it's something fun and different and it's got pretty good staying power. 

Herbivore's version of sea salt + coconut spray for your 'do!  It smells LIKE SUMMER IN A BOTTLE and gives my (very, very straight) hair some light body and texture without being heavy. I can't emphasize how much I love the smell. 

Is decadent. Besides just being drawn to the packaging and color, which are gorgeous, it smells delicious. Oh, and it works! It's got both exfoliation power and rich moisturizing properties and really makes your bath or shower feel like a spa treatment. Your skin feels clean and soft after use. 

I've been testing this product this week since we've been at the beach, it's a new addition at the salons, and I'm loving it. It features aloe to soothe your sun-kissed skin and notes of mint, lavender and witch hazel to boost healing. It smells fresh and is easy to mist all over. As with all of Herbivore's products it's very natural and health-conscious. 

Guys, I want to tell you something that's been driving me crazy...there's no such thing as a "non-toxic" or "eco" nail salon. Unfortunately all nail polish contains some chemical element, the polish doesn't just stick to your nails on its own. BUT!!!! There are amazing brands, like Smith and Cult, who are eliminating as much of the bad stuff as possible while still being an elite polish line. Smith and Cult is "8-Free", which means they've eliminated 8 of the most common chemical offenders in nail polish. Not only our their colors gorgeous but they are also very durable. Ghost Edit has been one of my favorite colors for Spring/Summer. It's a great neutral, goes with everything. If you ever have any nail care/nail health questions please reach out! I'm happy to help!

I basically bird bath in this stuff twice a day. I was suspicious at first. "What's the point of this" I thought. But now....I'm hooked. I keep the small size with me on the go and have the large bottle at home. It's seriously an amazing pick-me-up. It kind of wakes you up, smells amazing, and makes your face feel fresh if your feeling kind of dry or worn down. The girls at work make fun of me because the first thing I do is go over and mist myself with the tester every time I walk in. 

This has been my go-to since I got it. It's everything I need for day or night in one place. You can create a really nice, natural look or go a little heavier and make it a great evening look. You can add the eyeliner if you want but you can seriously do it all with the palette on its own. 

Bomb liquid liner. Water resistant. Smudge proof. Love the charcoal color. 

One of my favorite, favorite Beautycounter products. It is MEGA moisture for you lips, they feel like new lips. It smells really nice too. It's better than any chapstick or lip balm I've ever tried. Five stars. 

The sun stick is another fantastic, best-selling sunscreen that comes in both body and face sizes. Another must-have for your beach bag this summer. 

I love this serum for intense moisturizing. I switch off between this and face oils, and I love the fresh feeling it leaves after you apply it. It has a plumping effect and (again) smells amazing like all of Chanel's products. You can also layer it under heavier beauty products for a double dose of goodness. If you're looking for a serum to try, I'd recommend giving this one a shot. 

I LOVE this stuff. This is your first step to strengthening lashes. The formula conditions, strengthens and hydrates, while enhancing your mascara's effects when layered over the base. It can also be worn as a lash-strengthening 'mask' at night. Definitely worth it. 

I know it seems counter-intuitive, but I've loved this for Spring. This is a truly rich, emerald green; you can use it with another neutral to create contrast or use it on it's own for high-impact. It's truly a year-round color, and again, it's Smith and Cult's fantastic 8-Free formula. 

Feel free to shoot me any product questions! I'm always happy to elaborate! XO


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