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Last week was a rough one; there was a lot of loss to go around. We spent a big part of our car ride to the beach this weekend blasting Bowie songs, and the more I listened the more I realized how much the songs have played a part in my life. Knowing that he basically planned his exit with a gift to his fans is in perfect Bowie fashion, but it also helped me remember to focus on the good memories and what you loved about whoever it is that has left. I'll avoid getting to emo here, but if you're feeling down go blast Young Americans or Golden Years at full volume and don't tell me you don't feel better. I found this Bowie tee at JC Penney of all places, but surprisingly they've got a pretty good "vintage" tee shirt game. Also go here to get Blackstar and listen to Lazarus


Wedding Invitation Styling Photography Calligraphy
Photo: Lauren Kinsey // Calligraphy: Charlie Whiskey // Invitations: Bella Figura via Charlotte's Inc. // Menus: Paperbuzz

One thing that was important to me in planning our wedding was the paper; I had a specific look I wanted in my head pretty much from the beginning that I wanted to be cohesive throughout all of the invitations and other related items. I worked with Shannon of Charlotte's here in Raleigh, who realized that none of the samples were fitting my vision, and promptly set out to find the right calligrapher for me. Not only did she find the original calligrapher from the uncredited inspiration pic (which is essentially wizardry), but ultimately she found our amazing calligrapher Caitlin of Charlie Whiskey. Caitlin took my inspiration picture and created what I think is a gorgeous balance of modern and classic for our invitations. It was important to me to follow some elements of tradition and formality, but I wanted a unique, almost handwritten effect. 

Shannon helped me navigate the formalities and making sure everything looked good together, and I think what Caitlin did is amazing. It's exactly what I wanted. I love her work so much that we also had her do the menu and place cards for the seated dinner after the ceremony at Alys Beach. The menu is everything. I loved it so much I practically want to frame it; we had those done through Paperbuzz and they had them printed in a gorgeous light, raised gold. I could eat them. She also did a very special custom song quote that was my gift to my hubs, and it means the world to us. I can't thank Charlotte's + Charlie Whiskey + Paperbuzz for all of their hard work and the beautiful results! 
Photos: Lauren Kinsey

Wedding Invitation Custom Calligraphy

Bella Figura Wedding Invitations Charlie Whiskey Custom Wedding Calligraphy

Bella Figura Wedding Invitations Charlie Whiskey Calligraphy

Place Card Calligraphy Gold Animal Placecard Holders


Makeup Bag Update

Every so often I update what's in my makeup bag; usually with Chanel or NARS. For New Years I ended up doing my first real Cat Eye thanks to Jessica, my favorite over at my trusty Belk's Chanel. But I somehow ended up going home with their seasonal quad "Tisse Jazz". She got me with the "I only have one left" line. I just love the blues, and I also love that she sent me home with a worksheet so I'd know what to do with it since we hadn't actually used it that day. I am also now obsessed with the Nourishing Mascara Base--put it under their regular mascara and your eyes will be poppin'. Another consistent favorite is their polish, Secret is one that we have over at Paintbar and people love it. I also got this Le Crayon Khôl pencil that she taught me to use to line the inner bottom lid-right above the lash line- to brighten my eyes up. (I feel like I could use it for a spot concealer if I had to too!) For skin, the Hydra Serum feels sooo good. It's super light and it always makes me feel like I'm giving my skin an infusion of something good. The Le Lift eye cream is something I started using when I got it as a sample, and now I'm hooked. I feel like now is the time to be proactive about eye creams right? 


Blue Suede Shoes

Navy Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels Suede Wedding Shoes Southern Arrond

So I'll be sharing some details from our wedding at Alys Beach over the next few days--I'll try not to make it too eye-roll inducing; honestly I love our photographer so much it seems silly not to share. Let's start with a pretty basic (but so not Basic) wedding item, bridal shoes! I was pretty hell-bent on having these Jimmy Choos for months, but I eventually came to my senses as I tried to navigate budget + sanity. (Also here just not as "on sale".) I still love them but I think you can only quasi-justify the price if it's something you'll wear very frequently. (**Obviously "justify" is a loose term when discussing $1,000 shoes, I know, don't yell at me.**) Ultimately I decided to get a little creative; it's not like the Choos were super complicated and I realized I could re-create the look at a significantly better price. The Stuart Weitzman Nudist heels are a staple in a lot of blogger's closets, they come in about a million colors, and with a little leg work I found a beautiful navy suede version over on Forward. With a little bit of cleverly placed tulle I had the look of the Choos, ethereal right? I got my something blue, and I know I'll get a lot more wear out of the Stuart Weitzmans in the long run. I look forward to sharing more tidbits with you! 

Navy Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels Suede Wedding Shoes Southern Arrond

Navy Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels Suede Wedding Shoes Southern Arrond


Festive Feeling

Really into the boho almost Spanish feeling inspired looks on Moda Operandi right now. I'm really drawn to the detail work and the bright colors. Feels like a trip to Tulum or somewhere of the sort doesn't it? Gah doesn't that sound good right about now? 

Peter Piloto


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