Falling For It

SQUEAK! Is the sound I made when I saw the J Crew Pre-Fall lookbook. It's everything I ever wanted. (JK, but it's really good.) These are my favorites from the collection, and they are available now for pre-order. I want every single piece of the first look. And the track pant/loungewear revolution continues-which I am fine with. Check out the full lookbook and join me in the glory of shopping for Fall in the first few days of Summer. (*Smacks forehead with hand.)


Library By Lauren Lail

The Josie Short. Fabulous!
You may already know of the lovely Lauren Lail and Library: Archives of Fashion, her vintage clothing shop in Charleston, but did you know that she's added designer to her formidable resume? She has just launched her debut collection, aptly named Library by Lauren Lail, just in time for Summer fun. She has truly captured the "vintage-made-modern" aesthetic that she has so beautifully curated over the years at Library. Each piece in the peachy-toned collection has retro notes, and quirky-cool style, perfect for the girlie-individualist. I think the Summer standout has been the Josie shorts, which feature a beautiful watercolored blue custom print, and make for the perfect dressed-up or dressed-down look. Don't worry: if you're not in Charleston you can shop the new collection on the Library: Archives of Fashion website, and check out some of the gorgeous vintage while you are there. (P.S. They've already had to re-order the Josie Short, so I'd get on it now!) And stay tuned: there's more Library to come for Fall, Holiday , and beyond!!! 

All images are the gorgeous work of Olivia Rae James

Victoria Dress
The Waites Skirt
The Brooks Top and Maraline Skirt


Athens Anybody?

So I'll share a little exciting news: I will be doing a monthly post for the Southern Coterie, a lovely lil' (actually not lil') internet community you might like to stop by, have a mint julep and stay awhile. It's a really lovely spot, as they say "the social network of the South". They have something for everyone really. Anyhoo, I'm really pleased to be a part of their operation, and I would love to tell y'all about their next Southern C Summit which will be in Athens, GA on August 1. I was crushed when I missed their first conference at Jekyll Island in May, and all of my buddies in attendance loved it! #devastation. Redemption in August guys. "Cocktails and Conversation" as they call it, I'm in. There will be some fantastic speakers and presenters, amazing food and drink, and the spectacular Georgia Theater. It's like a really fabulous, really extended lunch 'n learn? I encourage you to check out the Southern C site, and join me in Athens as well!!! Don't worry-I know you will-I'll give you plenty of notice when my first post is up in July! 

Surf Spray

Via Pinterest
Every once in a while I actually like a "product" (as the beauty junkies call them) so much I want to tell peeps about it. As you may have seen I had a rather dramatic hair cut recently, and I am trying to be more attentive to my new style. I have always been a lover of anything beach-related, especially beach hair, and Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray is a really good stand-in for actual surf and sand. I can spray it in and let my hair dry and viola! I get a bit of a wave, and tons of volume comparatively speaking. And when I blow dry or style it, Surf Spray gives it texture and a bit of hold. It's the first hair product I've used consistently in years. Get it here, I can't recommend it enough!

Beach Hair Bumble South Surf Spray
Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

Via Pinterest


Givenchy Joy

Bless Barneys heart. Bless Givenchy's heart. This is one of my favorite color combinations. They've got some gorgeous bags going on right now; great neutrals and fab pops of color like the Lucrezia duffel pictured above. The gold midsole pumps are perfection. There are several color choices, and the hint of gold makes them special. Here are a few of my other faves!
Givenchy Antigona Duffel

Givenchy Large Pepe Pandora Messenger


Let's Go To Palm Beach

As many of you in this area know, we are super lucky to have some extremely talented home decor tastemakers in close proximity-whether you are looking for deco, Euro, retro, classic, contemporary-I could go on, but my point is we have some fantastic resources for furniture and home furnishings. But, that does not stop one from e-stalking and admiring. My great friend L turned me on to Palm Beach Regency, in guess where? Florida! Their website is a pleasure to surf through. Let me pinpoint the style: if you are looking for a ceramic elephant stool, bamboo anything, and fabulous Hollywood/Regency style chairs, you want to go there. Y'all they have black panther lamps. Lamps that are black panthers. The animals. I can only imagine. (I have dreams about the pendant lights pictured above-they're sold. Whomp.) Many of their pieces are not refinished or "done", but have gorgeous bones and are ready for what could be. I believe that many of us are laquer-holics, and will see endless potential and opportunity. They've just got some gorgeous, and really unique pieces if this is your style. Thought it best if I shared with you! And please, if you need a list of fabulous furniture folks in the North Carolina area, I am happy to help! 

I ♥....

I'm sooo sorrryyyy I've been away for so long! (I'm sure you care.) It's that time of year: weddings, parties, distracting sunshine and warm temperatures. I thought you guys might enjoy this little number from the Stella McCartney Resort '14 collection? I ♥ it. (Get it?) It's a fun look, and each piece is great on its own. Click here to peep some of the other resort looks. The one here comes from Capitol in Charlotte (swoon), via The Nearby. I hope you heart it too..
P.S. can you believe we are talking about Resort '14??? I can't. Speaking of which, I should soon be able to present you all with the first collection of Ramey Rhodes-for Fall '13!!! We are inching ever closer guys, ever closer.


Art And Auctions

Had a lovely Saturday night at one of my favorite places, the NC Museum of Art, lending a helping hand for the Art of the Auction event. The event featured both silent and live auctions to raise money for our beautiful state museum. I was the "bodyguard" for the beautiful collar necklace from Carole Tanenbaum, which was a hot item in the live auction. I also really adored "Pink", a painting by artist Annie Wharton. What I felt was super chic about this piece was that the canvas was wrapped in this gorgeous orangey-red vinyl, which almost made it look as it the canvas was lacquered. The picture does not do it justice. I wore this most exquisite Lela Rose dress from Vermillion, you may remember it was one of my faves. I also had this gorgeous blingy bracelet by Palm Beach Vintage from Fleur (people kept asking if they could bid on it)! See above for some of the other new jewels at Fleur-I considered taking them all and making a break for it. Are those yellow earrings not perfectly rad????

More short hair and me in Lela from Vermillion

Palm Beach Vintage from Fleur
My gold and silver Sam Edelman Allie heels (on SALE!)
Stunning collar necklace from Carole Tanenbaum, via Vermillion
"Pink" by Annie Wharton

Inside the live auction


A Lost Pony

OK folks, after much Pinteresting and internal debate, I got a hair cut. Above is my murdered ponytail. But good news-there was enough to go to a program at Locks of Love. I also went a decidedly different direction with color-as in, there is some now! Look for a post soon featuring a discussion with Dawn of Glam Lounge re: finding the right blonde. I'm getting used to both the length and color-I have been doing phantom hair-tossing. My bun is a tiny knot atop my head now. I still may be a little pale for blonde (and now, as I write at the beach, there's a tropical storm warning #awesome #vacation). 




Sale Armageddon

RUN, do not walk...Moda Operandi is having some insane sale, it's like someone really drunk started marking things down. These snakeskin Rockstuds from Valentino are essentially half-off. I don't know what is happening. My suggestion is to click on the sale link and just work your way back. I'm talking, Missoni swimsuits for $100, Suno shorts half-price, tons of Clover Canyon for under $100, Tibi! I could go on. 
Tibi Faille Peplum Top


Precious Metals

Sam Edelman Silver and Gold Allie Sandal

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating one of my most special friend's big day. It was nothing short of spectacular, thank you very much. I had a lot of compliments on my footwear-these gorgeous gold and silver sandals from Sam Edelman. As usual with Sam Edelman, there are several color-ways, AND, they're on sale!

Sam Edelman Silver and Gold Allie Sandal

Sam Edelman Silver and Gold Allie Sandal


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