Pretty in Pink

Love this adorable hot pink mini dress by 291. Love the color, love the back, and LOVE the price! It's only $82 from Shopbop. It could totally be dressed up or down. 

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Rae Francis

One of my faves, Topher tank and Alexander pants. Yes mother,  I know I'm too short for the pants. I don't care. 

I lived and worked in Savannah for several years in a boutique on Broughton Street, which is sort of the "Main Street" of the downtown historic district. Savannah is a beautiful, sort of haunted city. There are so many beautiful buildings and parks and squares, but there is still a lot of work to be done to restore some of these lovely structures. One thing I think people may not realize about Savannah is that SCAD-the Savannah College of Art and Design-has been absolutely instrumental in restoring many of these gorgeous homes and buildings to their former glory. They've turned many of the buildings into classroom and admin facilities; I would say that they have been the single-most important entity in the revitalization of this port city. SCAD is a highly acclaimed art and design school, and in addition to their contributions to the infrastructure of the city, the school brings with it some of the most interesting and talented artists in the South. (Or anywhere, really). 

David dress, I want to curl up in this dress and wear it everywhere.
I happened to mostly employ fashion students at my store, all of whom were fabulously talented and always entertaining. One of these ladies has recently partnered with another former classmate to launch their own label out of NYC. (Obviously my guidance was instrumental in this!) The  line, Rae Francis, was founded by Ariel Lilly and Christina Coniglio, and is very much a clean "uptown meets downtown" kind of look. After perusing the lookbooks, I'm loving the sleekness of the line. A lot of the pieces could go from work to cocktails.  These are some of my favorite looks from their upcoming Fall and Holiday collections. 

Brody tunic
Adam coat, Topher tank, and Luke skirt.
Copper skirt
Landon dress, I love! 
Landon dress, back. LOVE!
You can check out the rest of the collection on their website:

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Summer Ties

I LOVE the new ties from Proud Mary's new collection! There are 2 styles featured in the latest from the Charleston-based company, who's mission is to create handmade goods in a socially and ecologically responsible manner. The fabrics for the ties are handmade in Guatemala by local artisans and are 100% cotton. I think they're perfect for summer, I particularly love the Gradient Mint Tie-the colors make me think of the beach. They'd make a fantastic gift, and the prices are great, under $60. 

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Owner Harper's blog:
(P.S. you can enter to win one of the ties over at Lloso)


Pinecone Precious

So it's baby mania time again in my neck of the woods. Two of my most wonderful, oldest BFF's are having little ones this fall, and literally, apparently, so is everyone else. In the most wonderful timing, another dear friend and mother has launched her own line of handmade, mostly organic cotton baby clothes. Just in time! 

Settle Monroe, the brains of the operation, is my most bohemian chic friend. Settle has a really easy, Anthropologie-esque style. She recently told me that she and her husband were holding off until June 1st to turn on their AC. I got in my car today and it told me it was 117 degrees. I'm pretty sure it was exaggerating, but my point is, I REALLY hope Settle turned on her AC. She is the most amazing mother of 3 boys (2 of them twins), and has still managed to create this wonderfully sweet line, Pinecone Threads. Her designs are adorable, affordable, and eco-conscious-which you have to feel good about. 

Check out Pinecone Threads' Etsy shop:

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