Sale Alert: Tibi

Tibi is having a fab sale right now-lots of good Spring/Summer pieces that will transition to Fall! I scooped up this little croppy top I'm going to wear to an event in August. I love the structure of it + the delicate detailing. Check out some of my faves below! The fringey mules tickle me.


Must Have Summer Dress

I am in LOVE with my new Robert Roller Rabbit Pamela dress from Charlotte's. They've also got this beautiful pink and blue version; I had the hardest time deciding. I have this same style from last year and still wear it all the time. I plan on pairing it with these guys or maybe even these (which are an AMAZING price)? I am also straight up obsessed with this caftan, someone please snatch it up. 

Pinteresting Floral Fun

So I don't know if I told y'all or not but I'm getting mawwied this fall. Planning a destination wedding has, thus far, been pretty low-stress. One thing I'm trying to nail down is the floral situation. In this Pinteresting world we live in, it can be really overwhelming to make choices about what you want. Don't get me wrong, it's also super helpful--and a really great way to convey vision to your vendors if you are planning an out-of-town wedding, but it can sort of overload your system. I love the idea of lots of greenery with pretty pops of color. I've found myself being drawn to that look over and over. Candles too. And those are both ways to keep your floral design costs down, if you are budget conscious. (Lord knows I'm trying. Mom.) Another thing I've learned, if you're into peonies like I am, cabbage roses are a cost-effective substitute. You get the same full bloom-honestly most people probably wouldn't even know the difference. I digress. Anyhoo, here are some of the pretties I've been Pinning of late for some inspo. Anyone have thoughts? Advice? 


Lake Weekend Wear

I love a good set of PJs, I could live in my Marigots for goodness sake, and I am loving this line by LAKE. The PJ set is adorable. Simple, pretty colors and prints in yummy Pima cotton. What is better than that? They're pieces so pretty you could wear them out of the house! I also love the nightgown version. Not to mention, they're really well priced. I also love the company's silk loungewear (or "weekend wear" as they call it), that is definitely good for comfort and for style. Read a little about the company here, and treat yo' self to a set this weekend ladies!


Move Loot DIY: Console Victory

Y'all know I have DIY ambitions; I'm always inspired by what I see other bloggers doing. I'm really excited to share a couple of DIY projects I had an opportunity to do with my friends at Move Loot. If you haven't heard of Move Loot, it may change your life. Move Loot is essentially a furniture and decor consignment service that will COME TO YOUR HOUSE and pick up that old couch (and in our case 500 lb. desk), take it away, photograph it and then put it on the interwebs for some lucky person to buy. THEN, they'll drop your old stuff off at the new person's house! You just share a cut of the purchase price with them. I seriously can't overstate how awesome every experience I've had with them has been. 

SO, back to the DIY. The good folks at Move Loot asked if I'd be interested in doing a little DIY makeover to share with you guys, and I was obviously like "duh". I ended up with this little console, with great bones but a sad disposition. We've needed something like this for our entryway for a long time, so this proved to be the perfect solution. (Guys, I can't change the floor tile but I sure as heck can cover it up.) So I did some light sanding and went to one of my favorite paint colors, Hale Navy, in a high gloss. It pulls the subtle blue from my beautiful Caroline Swetenburg abstract (#Swetenbart), as well as some navy accents we have in the adjacent living room. One thing I've been pondering is adding a gold accent to the grooves that run down the legs and around the top, but I think the simplicity is kinda nice? Check out these fab accent tables-I love this console too, it's a STEAL. This was just a case of needing some good paint and styling, but my second project was more intense. I CANNOT wait to show you the finished product, but I have learned a lot about the difference between paint drying versus paint curing in the past couple of weeks. Long story short, there's a big difference. As soon as my paint is all cured up I'll show you what I've done. It's pretty sick, if I do say so myself.

Scroll down to shop styling and for more after pics!

Abstract: Caroline Swetenburg // Blue Swirl Vase: Furbish Studio // Gold Coral Accent: Target // Fringe Storage Bins: Nate Berkus for Target // Nubby Rug: Nate Berkus for Target

Console c/o Move Loot! Move Loot is in six cities across the country-check them out!


Staple: Oxford Popover

Heyyyyy everybody! So I've been on somewhat of a hiatus since June; it's been a crazy busy summer so far so my blogging schedule has been all wonked up. I'll elaborate at some point, but I'm back now! And I'll lead off with this sick Oxford from J Crew. It was sold out and I was so sad but it's back! At least, it's back on pre-order. But I'm just excited I got a second chance to snag one, it is going to be a wardrobe staple for sure! AND, J Crew is offering an additional 40% off final sale items with code LONGWEEKEND and 30% off of select styles not otherwise on sale. Shop my favorite sale picks below! 


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