And The Bride Wore McQueen

I wasn’t planning on commenting on the royal wedding, as it’s kind of white noise, but I feel compelled to now because I was so moved by Kate’s choice of Sarah Burton for her dress. I had hoped that Sarah would be Kate's choice, but was still touched and surprised that she was. Sarah Burton is the successor to the late Alexander McQueen who died tragically several months ago. His innovative and eccentric designs were so present and powerful in the fashion world, and he leaves behind big shoes to fill. Sarah Burton created a stunning yet classic dress, a couture dress for this huge occasion. It is high fashion while being mindful of the ever-present expectations of a conservative monarchy. The balance required must have been a daunting task for both designer and bride. Kate’s decision to use Sarah Burton confirms to me that this is a woman who can truly see the big picture and who truly understands fashion; it is so meaningful to the legacy and the future of the House of McQueen as well as the fashion industry in general. 

Pippa's stunning bridesmaid dress, also by Sarah Burton


Break Out The Crayolas

Rag and Bone via Shopbop
I am loving this season's trend of brightly-hued bottoms. What I really love is the skinny from J Brand in essentially the entire crayon box of colors. First it was the primary colors, and now we're on to the softer, almost pastel tones. This isn't a trend I would have tried a few years ago, but I love it now, and I think anyone can do it-it's just a matter of styling. It's such a happy, fun trend. If you want to give it a try, the girls at Gena Chandler in Raleigh have informed me that they're getting every color you can imagine. Give them a call to reserve a pair!

Gena Chandler at North Hills
4209-106 Lassiter Mill Road
Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: 919.881.9480

Baby Pink J Brand via Shopbop
Love the yellow J Brand via Shopbop
Red Hot J Brand via Piperlime


Painted Puppy

I have two dogs that I adore. Our family has had a couple (not including the 6 that I brought home intermittently throughout high school without asking my parents since they only lived with us for an average of 2.5 days) over the years whom we have loved very much. Both times our family dogs passed away we surprised my mother with portraits of them. Nothing over the top, just really lovely reminders of our four-legged family members.

I love pet portraits, and I think they're so challenging because it's not so much about actually replicating the pet-it's more about capturing their personality or spirit. That's what we miss and remember.

Warren the Cow. MOOOOO
One of my old friends here in Raleigh superbly does this in her work. Not only that, but her talent is sort of limitless; she can change her style and medium seemingly effortlessly. Susan Muller Chase and I were in high school together, and I very distinctly remember having an art class that overlapped with hers.

It was super embarrassing to put your work in a show or display anywhere near hers, I think she's just always had this amazing talent. Susan is still painting and drawing, in addition to working and being a mom.

2 pieces, Gaston Farm
I am in love with her pup paintings, but again, she spans a wide range with her work. She does beautiful still lifes and landscapes in addition to her other work. All are beautiful. And on top of all that, Susan is just the nicest, funniest person.

Carook's Boats
View her work and get her contact info through her Facebook page:



Turquoise for Summer!

I've talked about the fabulous North Carolina-based Moon and Lola jewelry before; particularly their initial necklace that have been really popular lately. Fashion is so cyclical, I remember when the sterling initial necklaces were all the rage. So Charlotte's, in Raleigh, just got in the initial necklace in turquoise! The perfect accessory for summer. I have a deep love for both turquoise and coral, both remind me of the beach and summer, but both are natural hues and I truly believe that they flatter ALL complexions. Something about turquoise or coral really seems to compliment everyone. The necklace comes in 3 sizes in block or script font: in small (1”) $58, medium (1 ¼”) $68, or large (1 5/8”) $78 sizes; and with a gold or silver chain. They take about 2 weeks to Special Order. Perfect beach chic.

Call and order yours from Charlotte's in Raleigh:

(919) 787-7113 or
(919) 821-9828


Giraffe Month Continues...

So my giraffe mania continues. I'd like you all to meet (as far as I can tell) the only purveyor of petite lap giraffes in the world. Possibly the universe. I have a couple of dogs, but I cannot shake my desperate need to have my very own treadmill-walking, sofa-lounging, kiss-giving miniature giraffe. Unfortunately there appears to be a waitlist for Sokoblovsky Farm's petite giraffes, but I mean people wait years for Birkin bags, so I'm sure I could handle a couple of months for my mini giraffe!

Happy Feet!

Proud Mary, my favorite purveyor of socially consious South American goods, have just added these adorable leather sandals to their supermarket store. I think they're the perfect easy sandal; comfortable and stylish-a great addition to the standards I usually rotate through during the warm weather. They are handmade in Guatemala, very cool, and even cooler: they're $48 and 10% of the proceeds from their sale go to an organization called Starfish One by One, who's mission is to educate the girls and young women of Guatemala. So feel good about this $50!

Buy a pair on Proud Mary's Supermarket Store:


Splash of Mango For Ya

I am a big fan of using bright splashes of color in otherwise muted rooms. It can really add a sophisticated edge to a space, in my humble opinion. I am crazy about these MANGO(!!!) garden stools; they've got an Asian flair and the color is amazing, and is totally playing into my spring fever! And they're a great price, $175 a piece. These are from a fantastic interiors store, Verve, in Columbia. You can also check out some of their other fabulous pieces on their Facebook page and website, and also contact them about the owner's design services through Ford Boyd Interiors.





Miniature Giraffe! Miniature Giraffe!

Jonathan Adler Giraffe Sconces. Love.
I don't know about ya'll, but I desperately want a pet miniature giraffe. Since there's totally a waitlist for those, I'm thinking about these Giraffe sconces instead. I absolutely love these adorable sconces by Jonathan Adler, and am thinking they add a little personality to a room (hopefully my room). You can order them at Katherine's Interiors of Raleigh, $175 per giraffe.

Katherine's Interiors


For the Boys

In a slight change of focus, I'd like to hightlight a really cool menswear operation I've recently learned of coming at us out of Atlanta. My dear and fabulous friend was recently a victim of the economy and had to re-enter the job market; she quickly (naturally-because she's amazing) found a spot interning at uber-hip menswear boutique Sid Mashburn.

I really know a lot less about menswear than I feel like I should; there are a lot of intricacies and subtleties to menswear that I find fascinating. Founded in 2007, Sid Mashburn is focused on providing an almost old-fashioned level of service and expertise; they see themselves as part style-consultant, part personal shopper. The concepts of really educating the customers and focusing on getting folks into quality, classic styles are really almost throwback policies. I feel like there should be more boutique-style stores focused on men, especially younger men, to generate the same kind of interest in style and fashion that the ladies get.

The store itself is a nod to the classic masculinity of an English gentleman's club, but with an undercurrent of hipness. They stock high-quality lines in a range of styles, I'd say that it's classic yet pushes the limits for guys that simply cannot imagine life without their Gucci loafers. (Don't laugh, some of them sincerely can't imagine.) If that guy would let Sid Mashburn work on him for a hot second, I think he'd find that he still looks perfectly preppy but more of an individual. 

Another fantastic reason to take your significant other to Sid Mashburn: my friend has informed me that the whole staff is adorable. Shoot, maybe go shop for him yourself.

Visit Sid Mashburn in Atlanta:
1198 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318




Give a Penny

I love companies that not only have an eye for design, but a heart with a purpose. Mary Kelly Stribling Kelly, the designer of Give a Penny jewelry, started her company with a sense of purpose in addition to her sense of style. Mary Kelly grew up in Atlanta and graduated from College of Charleston with a degree in Arts Management and Studio Design; she returned to Atlanta to start her jewelry line in 2008.

Her jewelry collection features pops of color and predominantly gold metal work. I love the simplicity in her designs; it's all very clean and chic.

Mary Kelly named her line Give a Penny in honor In honor of her best friend who was diagnosed with leukemia in 8th grade, as well as for her late father-in-law who lost his battle with lymphoma 14 years ago. Give a Penny donates a portion of the proceeds from their trunk shows to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Program in honor of their work to find a cure.

The combination of Mary Kelly's talent for design and her commitment to giving makes her a rare talent; she continues to expand her successful business across the Southeast.

Shop Give A Penny on the Southern Arrondissement Shop!

You can find Give a Penny jewelry online at:

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