Spring Flowers

Image via Elle Decor, my fave
I've been noticing all of the trees and flowers that seem to be blooming everywhere; this time of year is one of my favorites as far as flowers go(besides the fact that I essentially rub my eyelashes off), it seems like everything that blooms now is so fresh and new. It really feels like nature's way of being optimistic. This London sunroom in the townhome of Kit and Tim Kemp is so reflective of that feeling. I adore the way the windows let the sunlight pour in and looks out over the ivy covered shed, and I love the cheeriness of the pink upholsteries (and I'm not even all that into pink!!). It's very Secret Garden-y. I might even do a more classic chandelier to make it feel more bohemian.  It would just be a great place to sip a cup of tea and quietly read your book.


Bespoke Baby

In a world where babies where Hunter boots and J Brands, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are custom baby clothes! Fleming Clothing out of Raleigh allows mamas and the like to pick from a range of different styles and customize them to suit their baby's individual style (or mom's!). Fleming Samuels, the owner and designer was inspired to take up this endeavor by an unused sewing machine she found among her recently passed mother's things.

She learned to sew, and soon began using her daughter as her tiny supermodel. Fleming began to take orders from friends, and it soon became a business. It was important to Fleming and her husband to keep their business local; as a native North Carolinian, Fleming knows well the hardships the textile industry in NC has faced in recent years. It was their goal to make Fleming Clothing here as opposed to the cheaper, quicker foreign alternatives, and so they researched and sourced and made it happen. The website is fantastic; the choices are laid out for you, but it's interactive so you can actually see how the different customizations will look as a finished product.
The Annie Fleming Bloomer as designed by moi
The Maggie Reversible Overall. Adorable and easy.

The Wilson Boys' Reversible Overall.
Tres chic. The possibilities are endless. I love the fun of it, the ease of their website, and (as I've said before) the great initiative the Samuels' have shown to keep their business here in North Carolina and build this local economy-all while lookin' good. You can shop the website or get in touch for a trunk show, and I've just gotten word that you can find Fleming Clothing at NOFO at The Pig in Raleigh. More to follow soon I'm sure!!! Oooh, ooh, BTW, the website offers free shipping!!

Shop the website:

or find them on Facebook:


Tree Snuggies

Shawn Thomas
After what I would classify as a fairly aggressive bachelorette weekend, all I'd like to do right now is wrap myself in my snuggie and force my dogs to snuggle with me on the couch. They're going to need therapy. Anyhoo, I stumbled across these pictures from an art installation in Austin will be up through March 25th, and the images are somewhat soothing to someone in my condition. The artist, Magda Sayeg covered 99 trees in front of the Blanton Museum with knitted trunk cozies in what's being called the "Knitted Wonderland". Tree snuggies just seem right today.


Learn more at the Blanton Museum's website (I want that bus BTW):


Perfectly Green For St. Patty's Day

I love, essentially, anything that Rebecca Taylor makes. I love the prints, I love the lines, she speaks to my bohemian chic-ness. This RT dress from Van Jean in Columbia is beautiful and feminine, and I love the Kara Ross accessories (my new obsession, thanks to Van Jean), and the Philip Lim belt adds some structure. They've also just added a fantastic yellow Tibi maxi dress, and another floor-length stunning Rebecca Taylor, be sure to check those out too. 
Shop here:

Little Black Dress

I am in LOVE with this stunning little black dress by Diane Von Furstenberg at Gena Chandler in Raleigh. I obsess over low backed dresses. I think the combination of the simple, sophisticated front, with a slightly sexy back makes the dress so much more than a basic. It is so versatile, and can be worn a million different ways. I love the way the girls have the dress accessorized, but I think it would be fun to add a splash of color with some bold jewelry or clutch and definitely some fantastic shoes. 

Call Gena Chandler 919.881.9480 or look them up on Facebook:

Maybe these gorgeous earrings from Kiss The Ring NY:

Or maybe the Lytton Snake Clutch also by DVF, amazing:


Luck O The Irish!

I love St. Patrick's Day; I like the Irish, really. I think it's the bagpipes? St. Patty's in Savannah gives you a whole new appreciation for the day, and I do NOT mean the shenanigans down on River Street; the whole community comes out, stores shut down, there's a huge parade with lots of tailgating, and it's fantastic. (And there are TONS of bagpipes.) In honor of the day of green I wanted to share some pictures of the cutest party ideas from the girls of Ollie Grey out of Nashville. They've got some fantastic party ideas, and the girls are available to plan everything from birthday parties, to showers, and they're even doing weddings! Have a happy, happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Check out more of Ollie Grey's fab party ideas on their blog:
or on Facebook:


Hyla Dewitt

This one's mine. Don't touch it.

So when my dear friend Stephanie let me know about an upcoming trunk show at her store this week, I took to Google to research the jewelry designer, as it was a name I hadn't heard before. I completely trust Stephanie's advice on all things jewelry, but I am even more excited to see the collection after doing a little investigating on my own! The designer, Hyla Dewitt, was raised in Charleston and got her start creating pieces for her fellow classmates at Ashley Hall.

She began developing her line and selling out of boutiques in Charleston and subsequently at stores in Tuscaloosa while she was a student at the University of Alabama. She did a brief stint as a graphic designer, but returned to her passion as a bejeweller shortly thereafter. I really love what I have seen of her work.

Lotssss of chunky pieces, necklaces particularly, in beautiful spring colors which are my favorites, and great long necklaces for layering.

She's also done some wrap bracelets with different textures-perfect for me as I have a bad habit of wearing a half-dozen rubber bands or hair ties around my wrist at any given time (I think it's OCD), which I could use as camo.

I particularly love how she seems to weave different textures and materials through her pieces; it's a very cool, almost layered look.

I'm excited to see more in person; the trunk show will be at Charlotte's of North Hills in Raleigh on Friday (aka March 18th). The show will be going on all day so stop in. I'll be reporting back with my faves. Cause I know you'll be anxiously awaiting!

To see more of Hyla's looks visit her website:


Inspiration In Small Spaces

I've spent years going through all of the interiors and architectural design magazines and tearing out my favorite design elements or homes or rooms. I have kept so many of those ideas and images in an old Kate Spade box under my bed, occasionally going back through them for inspiration or to edit the collection (we all make mistakes).

The seating in their living room can transform into a dining room.
This is one of my all-time favorite rooms/homes. It is a tiny, tiny, tiny (I mean 400 sq ft TINY) apartment in the East Village in NYC, and it's home to designer David Kaihoi, his wife, and their young daughter. The colors, the wallpaper, the painted floor, the trundle bed they added for their little girl, Kaihoi's imagination and design sensibilities come together to produce make this place liveable and beautiful.

Beautiful built in shelving creates the family library and extra storage.
I have no idea how they all fit into the place, much less their stuff; but that's the point I suppose, Kaihoi has created this cozy, stunningly beautiful nest for his family to live in.

The master (and only) bedroom with the tiny trundle for their young daughter.
As small as it is, it has the elements and personality of a far larger home. I hope ya'll enjoy, just looking at the pictures makes me happy.

The panelling along the wall hides the closet, limited space requires careful wardrobe editing.
A detail of the 18th century Chinese wallpaper Kaihoi lined the bedroom walls with.
Gorgeous, modern high-gloss kitchen.
View more pictures and the interview with David Kaihoi:


Handcrafted And Handsome

We all know that this is a tough economy, but there is one industry, particularly here in the South that has been suffering for much longer than the past 4 years or so. That would be the textile manufacturers (and most craft goods, for that matter); things have shifted so that it is more affordable for companies to have their goods and products made overseas and by machines, not people. This has greatly impacted the South and its' economy. There is an artist out of Nashville who is striving to change this pattern; Emil Congdon of Emil Erwin is on a mission to bring quality and tradition back to manufacturing.

Inspired by the craftsmanship of his grandfather's generation, Emil creates small batch, made-to-order canvas and leather goods. Everything is designed by the craftsman himself, and handcrafted start to finish in his shop at his home in Nashville, and cost-cutting never supersedes quality. His products are mostly working-style bags; there's a handsome messenger bag, a sturdy, classic briefcase, and a smart shopper tote. His work is vintage-inspired, the products have classic lines and trims, and the materials are made to age and age beautifully. 

It's clear that Emil wants his bags to stand the test of time; he wants them to be the treasures generations to come find in their grandparents' attics. He provides his customers with the promise, the guarantee, of quality; he wants his products to be done right. 

I am so inspired by artists like Emil; it pains me to think of the jobs and the artistry that we have lost over the years through companies choosing to cut costs and overhead, and I have the deepest respect for the people who are now fighting back against that movement. To be sure, buying a piece from Emil Erwin is more than just an investment in your wardrobe. 

Learn more about Emil Erwin at their website:


Palm Beach Vintage

I love and respect vintage for the history and story behind the piece, and there are certain vintage items that I would some day aspire to own, BUT I do not like vintage shopping. I just don't. I have friends that can go to a vintage or thrift store or an estate sale and come out looking like they stepped out of Vogue, but I am not blessed with that gift. I do not have the patience; I just am not a scavenger. This is why I love brilliant people like Lauren Lail at Library in Charleston and, now, Missy Keravuori and Traci Phillips of Palm Beach Vintage Jewelry; these are the people that do the hunting for you.

"Seeley" Mother of Pearl vintage bracelet, so sweet
"Bailey" vintage-inspired powder blue earrings
The ladies of Palm Beach Vintage relish the search for fabulous vintage jewels; they have created an online store filled with their one-of-a-kind finds, as well as new pieces inspired by vintage favorites.

"Tory" perfume necklace, I love this look

"Char" black double elephant necklace

Missy and Traci's collection includes gently loved pieces, that only show the slightest signs of wear, and have style that is just as resonant to today as it was before. There are also some fun vintage inspired handbags, as well as other accessories and even candles.

"Sue Sue" vintage inspired cuff, love the detail and dusty pink
Again, what I love about their store and concept is that they are passionate about finding these amazing vintage pieces, and then making them so easily accessible to those of us who are simply passionate about wearing them.
"Camille" orange clutch, which I adore, and I'm always looking for orange as a Clemson fan!
Vintage jewels are such a fabulous way to create a statement outfit, and Palm Beach Vintage Jewelry is my new favorite way to find them.

"Taylor" vintage-inspired necklace, statement making
You can see and shop the collection at their website:

And you can also join their fan page on Facebook for updates:


Oh Deer!

So let's switch gears a bit, and talk about home decor. I happen to be a kind of shabby chic with a modern twist kind of girl, although I can enjoy a lot of different asthetics; I mean even someone as quasi-chaotic as myself can appreciate the soothing, zen-like quality of an austere/modern decorating sensibilty. One of my obsessions has been this antler chandelier; it's hanging a friend's home who's sister happens to be an interior designer, and I loved it the minute I saw it. This is not typically what I think of when I think of an antler chandelier; it's not a "lodgy" fixture, instead it lightens a room and adds interest. It's white laquer resin, which I think gives it a chic or sophisticated, bright look, and I think it can add an almost funky element to a more classic or conservative house.

Conversely, I think it would be at home in a more modern-styled home as almost an ironic nod to an old classic. Now if only I had somewhere to put it...The chandelier is custom ordered, well-priced, and available in several sizes from Katherine's Furniture and Interiors here in Raleigh. Katherine herself does fabulous work and you can also get in touch with her for your design needs.

Call Katherine's Interiors:

Or find some of her amazing home furnishings on Facebook:

New Obsession

Leave it to Van Jean in Columbia to bring yet another obsession into my life to fixate on. It's obviously that time of year when the fun new Spring deliveries are rolling in, and while perusing some of Van Jean's new accessories, I found a jewelry brand of which I have clearly been deprived.

I can't deal with this look. It's my favorite.
Candy-colored cabochon rings
The gorgeous pics of Van Jean's new Kara Ross pieces had my full attention. I'm a huge fan of the chunky, over sized look, and I absolutely love the look of stingray leather (that's a leather, right?); Kara Ross utilized all of those things and for Spring is using some of my favorite colors and tones-pale turquoise and light corals. Love them.

Further research has confirmed my new love for Kara Ross. There are big knotted, mesh necklaces, more cuffs abound, and she also has a stunning fine jewelry line. The only problem is deciding which piece to buy!
See some of the looks at Van Jean, or take a peek on their Facebook page:

Kara Ross necklace, with a gorgeous Tibi dress and Tory Burch wristlet at Van Jean, Columbia

Super chic mesh-knot earrings
See the rest of Kara Ross's collection: www.kararossny.com

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