Oh Deer!

So let's switch gears a bit, and talk about home decor. I happen to be a kind of shabby chic with a modern twist kind of girl, although I can enjoy a lot of different asthetics; I mean even someone as quasi-chaotic as myself can appreciate the soothing, zen-like quality of an austere/modern decorating sensibilty. One of my obsessions has been this antler chandelier; it's hanging a friend's home who's sister happens to be an interior designer, and I loved it the minute I saw it. This is not typically what I think of when I think of an antler chandelier; it's not a "lodgy" fixture, instead it lightens a room and adds interest. It's white laquer resin, which I think gives it a chic or sophisticated, bright look, and I think it can add an almost funky element to a more classic or conservative house.

Conversely, I think it would be at home in a more modern-styled home as almost an ironic nod to an old classic. Now if only I had somewhere to put it...The chandelier is custom ordered, well-priced, and available in several sizes from Katherine's Furniture and Interiors here in Raleigh. Katherine herself does fabulous work and you can also get in touch with her for your design needs.

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  1. Don't you love that chandelier??!! I have gone back and forth on it for years and love it lacquered. Hope you are well...always love seeing your new posts!



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