Golden Feet

Gold Ankle Plate ASOS heel gold stud ankle zip

You should get theeeeese. They will look so good on youuuu! (I'm getting them too!) These will make everything look cooler.

Oh! And they're such a good price!

Gold Ankle Plate ASOS heels gold stud ankle zipGold ankle plate ASOS heels with gold studs and ankle zip



In case you missed this spattered across our social media today, this is a shot from a little shoot that the fantastic and kind Jack Morton of Morton Photography did for Ramey Rhodes recently. He is so talented and easy, especially for two people as photo-phobic as Lauren and I. Some other exceptionally important shout-outs here: thanks to Evie of Finds here in Raleigh who allowed us to use their amazing new space. You MUST go see her, and buy that fabulous couch. Her Facebook and blog is a trove of furnishing "finds" and inspiration. And, I cannot thank Dawn and Debra of Glam Lounge (on West Street here in Raleigh), who are my hair and makeup gurus. They are genius (geniuses?), Dawn has long been my hair idol, and Debra made my undereye bags vanish like magic. I adore them. I must say, looking at that list, it's an amazing squad of talented people. Grateful to work with and be supported by every single one of them. 

Ooh, and stay tuned, the Ramey Rhodes website is coming soooon! (Oh yeah, and eventually clothes too!!!) 


Mini Me (Mini You, To Be More Specific)


I don't have any mini-mes, and I'm not 100% on-board with mommy and me twinsie dressing, it can be a little too precious, but I LOVE the idea of this chic pairing. This little GAP Kids dress is the perfect compliment to Tibi's variegated stripe dress. I could see a little baby fashionista budding! Not to mention how perfect and multi-purpose the Tibi version is.   

Swell Swill

My apologies, this was going to be part of Friday Faves but do to ice-maggedon and an unforeseen lack of internet access this weekend, Friday Faves got the boot. But what better way to start the week than with wine. Or whine, as I call it. I am slightly obsessed with these captioned table wines from Swanson Vineyards in Napa. Cheeky little blurbs make these wines infinitely entertaining. A great gift or perfect for a party. I immediately thought of our friend stationery extraordinaire Bon Vivant (obvi)! Check the other variations here. (There's even a "Help Is Here" bottle.) If you really want to get fancy, add these gorgeous stemless, hand-blown wine glasses from Mark & Graham, which are custom-monogrammable. 


Cross Me

Tory Burch Amanda Crossbody Bag Stacked Logo Tan Black

I lovvvvvvvvve crossbody bags. They are sooooooooo easy and low-maintenence. These are new Tory Burch Amanda crossbodies at Monkee's of Raleigh. I am in love. A total must have. Will fit all the essentials and make life so easy. Shop here also!

Zippy Skippy

via They All Hate Us
I love this look from head to toe. Black overcoat with a classic, chunky cream fisherman's knit sweater, and to add some funk, the season's necessity zip pocket black skinnies. I've seen several styles with like, 5 zippers. No one needs that-you don't need that. I prefer the more subtle 3 zip, maxing out at 4 below, but those are on the more aggressive end of the spectrum. The truth is that most of us wear untucked tops or sweaters, so you'll only likely see a hint of the zipper pocket, but it just adds a little interest to an otherwise super simple outfit. (See above.)

Zip Jean

1. Rag & Bone RBW9 (the VERY best in my opinion) | 2. J Brand Zoey Triple Zip | 3. Paige Edgemont Ultra Skinny


Pattern Play!

Finally! A little apparel excitement. I am loving these bold patterns. If you haven't heard of Piamita, you SHOULD have. They're sophisticated, simple looks are amazing and chic. (I'm totally not obsessed with the clothes and the website. (Yes I am)) The great windowpane blue and white dress above is Piamita, just in to Morgan Kylee in ATL. Also in at MK is this GORGEOUS A.L.C. "Lee" maxi dress, which is the perfect combo of dressy and casual. Head to Morgan Kylee's Facebook or website to check these puppies out.


On The Wall: Black + White Wallpaper

via HGTV
I know I've been doing a lot of home items this week, but it's just that time of year that I am somewhat scrambling for fashion inspiration. Spring is starting to trickle into stores, which is exciting but almost tortuous, because there are limits to transition pieces. I mean. There are just some colors that (for 99% of us) can't be worn in the dead of winter. Anyhoo, we're in the nesting season. It's cold. It's rainy and dreary. Looking at pictures or vibrant or cozy living spaces makes me feel better. This beautiful entryway by Georgia-based designer Anisa Darnell, of the design duo that makes up Milk+Honey Home, is totally country chic. Who'da thought black and white floral wallpaper would work? It's a create mix of country and contemporary. Looks cozy, and perfect-complete with Hunter boots-for a rainy winter day!


Gray Day

Gray is one of my favorite neutrals. It's one of my favorite non-colors. I like to wear it and live amongst it. Is that depressing?

On The Floor

 Obsessed with these zig zag rugs (some may say chevron, but I'm sick of that word) from Urban Outfitter (seriously!), and they are on sale and come in several sizes. The price is so good you can buy a spare or different color so you've got a backup! I'm kind of torn between them all! They aqua and gray are my favorites, naturally. Shop them here.


Sunday Funday

They All Hate Us
Powdery blues. Not just for grandma. 

Vintage Powder Blue Fan
Beautiful blue Vespa
Stella McCartney powder blue blazer via Harper's Bazaar
Powder blue vintage Oldsmobile, beautiful getaway car. Still "Rockn"!


Post-Holiday Blues

Distressed Denim
1. Joe's Jeans Renah Rolled Skinny | 2. Joe's Jeans Slouchy High Water | 3. Paige Skyline Ankle Skinny (one of my faves!) | 4. Blank Denim Relaxed Straight Leg (A STEAL!!!)
Into the post-holiday blues we go! Blue jeans, that is. (Sorry.) Distressed denim is once again trending as we barrel towards Spring. I am totally fine with that. Most people that know me know that I have a deep appreciation for casual attire. But let me point out that an interesting thing has begun to happen: people are wearing jeans like this with stilettos. I'm not opposed to it, but believe it should be done carefully. If you look at the bookends of the collage above-the heels they have paired with the seemingly casual denim are not just plain ole' black pumps. You've got to be a bit more creative to properly pull off the look, think colorblocking or metallic details. But always remember: you can wear these jeans with flats, sneakers, wedges, booties. So don't stress if you're not into the hi-low style (in this case dressy-casual), they're still jeans with holes in them...



gray hexagonal hexagon bathroom tiles gray tones
House of Turquoise
I've been daydreaming about hexagonal tile lately. I know. It's an odd thing to think about; I tend to get fixated on a particular idea until I wear it the heck out. What I like about this style of tile is that it reminds me of kitchens or baths in beautiful old homes. Not yucky old tile, but like, in it's glory day. Gray is another favorite thing of mine-I love it as a neutral, and golly, particularly in a bathroom. It's so soft and soothing, much more calming than an all white palette to me. I think doing the tile in gray tones is a nice spin on what is a somewhat classic look. Yum. Draw me a bath!

hexagonal hexagon gray tile bathroom shower
Simplified Bee 
grey hexagon hexagonal bathroom tile shower marble carrera
Decor Pad


A Year In Instagram

A retrospective as told by Instagram! A few days late but what of it? Happy 2013 to all, be sure to follow on Instagram at southernarrond!

Pink Pop

pink ikat scarf pink and cream scarf

Adding a little cheer to my day with this adorable pink ikat scarf from Sir Alistair Rai. Rosy pink pop. Wear it now, wear it later.


Splurge + Steal

Silver Pumps mirror pumps silver shoes Jimmy Choo Anouk Charles David Sway Silver High Heels

I am lusting after silver|mirror pumps right now. They are just like "hello"!I think, besides going with literally everything, they are also kind of like jewelry for your feet? They won't be missed, that's for sure. Paired with black, you get an ├╝ber-sleek look, but they totally work with color as well. This high-low pairing is spot on: the top is the FABULOUS Jimmy Choo Anouk (dream-worthy) and below is the Sway from Charles David. At $650 and $185 respectively you've got options on either end of the spectrum. Don't be afraid to wear them with jeans too!

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