Tornado Relief!

The very talented jewelry designer Hyla Dewitt is pitching in to do her part for the victims of the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Alabama recently. For the month of June she will be donating $10 from the sale of any of her wrap bracelets to relief programs providing aid in Alabama. Having recently driven through Alabama, I can assure ya'll that they will need and greatly appreciate anything we can do to help! The wrap bracelets come in tons of styles and colors, and are a fantastic price! 
"Roll Tide" $45
Check out the choices here:

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Fabulous, Affordable

I've said this before, I am OBSESSED with the way my friends Leslie and Sarah Leigh at II Brunettes in Charleston style their looks. I absolutely love this little number they posted on their Facebook page yesterday. It's such a fun summer look, perfect for a night out at the beach! The best part is that the dress and shoes are under $100 apiece. (As in $73 and $42, respectively!) I have already put in my order!!! 

Call II Brunettes: 

616-C Long Point Road
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464



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A few years ago I ran across a little blurb about this jewelry line I had never heard of, but I was immediately obsessed with the ring that went along with the write up-and when I obsess, it's usually permanent. I would like to think that I can track down almost anything fashion-related because of my obsessive nature. So, I found the ring, made by a small California-based company called Hoorsenbuhs.
The Antiquated Dame Tri-link Ring
Their pieces were only sold in a few high-end destinations, and then, as now, their website was almost devoid of any information about their work and origins. I have maintained my love for the ring I saw in the magazine, as well as most of their collection. There is an understated sophistication to their line; what I love is that it's sort of underground-chic. You know you're not going to see it on someone else. And it seems like that's how they want to keep it. I remember reading that Hoorsenbuhs will do some custom work, and they're being carried by Barney's, but it doesn't seem like they have a huge distribution. While I wish I could get more out of their website, I almost like how hard they are to find, and how they're almost flying just under the radar. I'm hoping maybe they'll read this and send me, ohhh I dunno, the Antiquated Dame ring so I can really help publicize. 
Dame Phantom Ring
Some Hoorsebuhs rings and cuff. Gorgeous.


Down In The Bayou...

The patio at Bouligny Tavern
So I recently spent 3 weeks in New Orleans (actually it was just 4 days, but it felt like 3 weeks) for Jazz Fest; I'd never been down there before now and really fell in love with the city. I found some similarities, familiarities I suppose, to some of the other Southern coastal towns I love-Charleston or Savannah-that made it instantly endearing. It has the beautiful architecture, the laid back atmosphere, and that air that's warm and rich and sweet. It is definitely it's own city though; New Orleans has it's own unique character, everyone there has this high spirit that I haven't seen anywhere else. Especially given it's recent hardships, people there just have an extra shine. Now, I could tell you a bunch of stories and misadventures (in case you're wondering, Kid Rock will let you into his party if you tell him you'll do a cannonball in the pool), but I really want to share with you a delicious recipe. We had dinner at this fabulous wine bar on Magazine Street called Bouligny Tavern, which was opened by the renowned chef of Lilette. I am no connoisseur, but one of my friends ordered the most amazing crostini I have ever experienced. So simple but soooo amazing, just some toasted bread with cheese and a touch of oil. And really perfect for a summertime appetizer. Here's their recipe-I'm telling you, deceptively simple-fresh burrata cheese, Fleur De Sel, and truffle oil, on top of toasted crostini bread. It is on another level. 


Lock It Up

I LOVE the classic Cartier "Love" Bracelet. I've lusted after one for years. The Love Bracelet was first created for Cartier in 1969. The bracelet is supposedly a reference to medieval chastity belts; it can be unlocked with a tiny screwdriver that comes with each bracelet. The thought is that the person giving the bracelet would keep the key. It's such a simple piece, but I love the look and the thought behind it, and the tiny screwdriver is adorable. Cartier has started making variations of the original over the years, they now have rose gold and platinum options (if you have an extra 12k definitely go for platinum).
A pair of bracelets with the tiny screwdrivers

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