Down In The Bayou...

The patio at Bouligny Tavern
So I recently spent 3 weeks in New Orleans (actually it was just 4 days, but it felt like 3 weeks) for Jazz Fest; I'd never been down there before now and really fell in love with the city. I found some similarities, familiarities I suppose, to some of the other Southern coastal towns I love-Charleston or Savannah-that made it instantly endearing. It has the beautiful architecture, the laid back atmosphere, and that air that's warm and rich and sweet. It is definitely it's own city though; New Orleans has it's own unique character, everyone there has this high spirit that I haven't seen anywhere else. Especially given it's recent hardships, people there just have an extra shine. Now, I could tell you a bunch of stories and misadventures (in case you're wondering, Kid Rock will let you into his party if you tell him you'll do a cannonball in the pool), but I really want to share with you a delicious recipe. We had dinner at this fabulous wine bar on Magazine Street called Bouligny Tavern, which was opened by the renowned chef of Lilette. I am no connoisseur, but one of my friends ordered the most amazing crostini I have ever experienced. So simple but soooo amazing, just some toasted bread with cheese and a touch of oil. And really perfect for a summertime appetizer. Here's their recipe-I'm telling you, deceptively simple-fresh burrata cheese, Fleur De Sel, and truffle oil, on top of toasted crostini bread. It is on another level. 

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