New Views

After many years in a little ranch my hubs bought before we got married, we finally decided it was time to make a move and to our great surprise we ended up in a new home. I fully expected us to be in an older house with lots of DIYs but we both fell in love with our new home and neighborhood sooo here we are! We have more space so we are committed to having lots of bare rooms for a while lol, but I've been working diligently to get the living room and breakfast room off of the kitchen finished. We had a big yard sale before moving so we're really starting fresh with these rooms. I tend to gravitate towards blues, but I've moved a bit more towards green lately. I even added this duvet to our bedroom which was almost exclusively blue before. I am currently waiting on our new couch which I picked because of the arm-shape detail. Until that gets here we're on the struggle bus for seating, the green chairs pictured above are really similar to these or these (but also holy cow this) but are on their way to being reupholstered so that leaves us with our old chairs like these. Seriously someone buy those and recover them that price is insanity. I love the delicate little side tables, which I think are a great look for the price - and they come in multiple finishes. Also that store runs a lot of promos, and I'm pretty sure they have an email sign up discount! Our house was built with a ceiling fan installed but I really wanted something eyecatching in that room so I'll be switching it out with something like this. I've actually found one I like (for a much better price) here that I may tweak a little (they'll customize) and use instead. I used Bell's here in Raleigh for my sisal which I love (and the dog has already barfed on); I've used Bell's twice now and have had a very good experience. I'm obsessed with the burlwood coffee table. It got here before we got the rug down and I was a little worried about All. Of. The. Wood. but as soon as the rug came in it was all glitter and unicorns. I love it. There is a lighter finish as well that I think is lovely. One of my favorite finds in the room is THIS LAMP. The price! The look! The quality! It's all there! I can't recommend it enough. I'll be sharing the design scheme for the breakfast room soon, and hopefully some pics once we get everything all settled. Feel free to email me with any sourcing or quality questions! I'm happy to help! 


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