House of Lavande. Palm Beach. Incredibly curated, ├╝ber-luxurious vintage jewels. Red carpet-worthy baubles from all over the world spanning the 20th century and beyond. See some of their inSANE bib necklaces from our earlier post here. Their gorgeous pieces can be styled for every occasion; I love the way they styled the beach casual shoot below. It's the perfect young Palm Beach look. 


Sunday Funday

I'm sure that like me, you probably need a little soul soothing on Sundays. I've put together a little compilation of some of my faves from our Instagram. Although this time of year forces me into some unpleasant sinus situations, it is absolutely beautiful in this part of the country. It's not just the colors, the greenery is so lush and can be as pretty as any flower. Be sure to hop over to Instagram and follow us there (southernarrond) if you've fallen victim too. 


Friday Faves

Glorious marigold party dress. The girl in this picture is having so much more fun than we are right now. I think it's mostly because of her Haute Hippie dress. The rest of it is probably that she's 5'9", 110 pounds, and blonde as they come. Meh.

In love with this image from Proud Mary's Mali collection, big news on that to come soon! Also, stop over on Proud Mary creator Harper Poe's blog Lloso for a really insightful post she wrote on the recent coup in Mali, and her personal experience having worked with some of the amazing artisans in this war-torn country.  

A haint blue porch ceiling, in case you didn't know, this is to trick haints (ghosts) because this color looks like water. And everybody knows haints can't cross water. I'll provide more background on all of this important, and possibly life-saving information at a later date. 

DOG! This little buddy is similar to the one we posted last weekend from NOFO in Raleigh. He's by SC artist Robin Anne Cooper, who has a studio in the big city of Walhalla. Let me digress a bit to tell you that not only do I know Walhalla, but it is right down the road from the booming metropolis that is home to my alma mater: Clemson!!!! And Robin is from Clemson. No wonder I feel a kindred spirit. They have a gorgeous studio on their farm, and I haven't the space here, but expect an extended post on their work! And thanks to the Trinity School Spotlight on Art for sending this our way!!!


Sandal Staple

I think casual footwear can be tough; you don't want to invest too heavily because it needs to be good for running around, outdoor use, concerts, garden parties, the beach, you get what I'm saying. The point is, a lot of times it just seems easier to throw on a pair of Rainbows. They're comfy, they're neutral, maybe people won't notice you're wearing them. But that, my friends, should not be the answer. They flip flop most certainly has its place, and I could most definitely be lecturing myself ("but they're so commmmfortablllllllee") but you should have another option for those multi-purpose occasions. I love these Milos sandals by Fiel as the go-to. The single toe and bow are really nice, distinctive touches that make it a stand out; while the black and tan color options give you subtlety and versatility, all at a fairly reasonable price. 



Pick your jaw up off the floor. I go cross-eyed every time I look at this Tory Burch fish necklace. Unbelievable. Wear it with this Cheap Monday Melinda dress for a ridiculously chic high/low look. 


Sunday Funday

Sunday rituals: we've all got them. One of mine is the Amazing Roll from Haru and my TV lineup. There's simply nothing better than pigging out on one of these while basking in the glow of HBO and a glass of red wine. Haru is tucked next to perennial neighborhood fave  Glenwood Grill, and lacks anything resembling atmosphere, and has the distinction of having hardest-working yet somehow most inefficient service (but Lord knows they're sweet). All of that said Haru has the BEST sushi in town, which cancels out the aforementioned issues. 



While looking for a birthday present for a rambunctious almost 3 year old at Nofo, I ran into this little guy who stole my heart! Made of recycled newsprint, this little pup almost has enough personality to make it ok to talk to him. (I talk to my dogs all the time-I only think one gets it though.) I also found what may be the most precious little girl's dress on the planet. Perfect for Spring. If you've never stopped by the store at Nofo (in an old Piggly Wiggly building!), it's an awesome place to pick up a little gift or remembrance for someone, and the food at the cafe downstairs never fails. 



I was overwhelmed by color and pattern when I walked into Fleur. I am somewhat color/textile obsessed, so walking into the Quadrille trunk show was like sensory overload for me. Quadrille is well-known for their beautiful fabrics which grace some of the most fabulous homes, but are less known for their beautiful apparel collection. Today is the second and last day of the trunk show, and it is well-worth a drop in. They have everything from shorts (long and short!!!) to beautiful jackets to maxi dresses in an expansive array of colors.   It screams beach or tropical vacation. What makes things really brain-busting is that you can order anything IN anything! As in, mix and match, pick your style, pick your fabric. The possibilities are endless, which, obviously, sends me into a tailspin. One of the best buys is the collection of travel bags (pictured down there) which come in a gabillion (technical term) different colors and patterns and would make a great gift. Not to mentioned they are super well-lined in bright colors, making cleaning easy. 


Veronica Beard

I'm getting super-stoked about the Veronica Beard trunk show coming to Raleighwood next week! The Veronicas, the design duo behind Veronica Beard will be in attendance at Vermillion-where they will be hosting a Southern-styled brunch (catered by Ashley Christensen of Poole's Diner/Beasley's/Iron Chef/etc, etc, etc fame) for the ladies to meet and greet some of Raleigh's most fashion-forward. Their blazers, which feature removable "dickies" (if you will) are so amazing; it's like getting a twofer. I will be having a little Q&A with the Veronicas so look for that coming soon. These are some of my faves, check out more sneak peek shots over on Facebook.


Wang It

I most likely, if I ever get hitched, will not go red down the runway. (Most likely.) I believe that would do my father in, and he’s been far too good to me to go out like that. Howeva, I swoon for this red concoction from Vera Wang’s Spring 2013 collection. I’m totally on board for something in the cream family. The drape and the back are to die for. I love that she’s gotten sick of sending 30 white dresses down the runway every season and instead has been offering these really dramatic gowns in black (!) or red (!!). I like the idea of doing something different, maybe color or length, Oscar de la Renta even sent pants and a crop top down his Bridal runway this week. I think it’s far more acceptable to take a risk these days, and though I probably would shy away from a crop top or vixen red I might someday go for a lovely lilac or some such. 


Wedding Wear

Megan Park dress from Vermillion 
Most of you have probably picked up on the fact that I'm not really in to using pictures of myself on this blog. I find, amazingly I know, that the models tend to do it better. There was even a failed attempt to do one of those cool, here's a picture of my kick-ass outfit Instagram shots, but it resulted in everyone agreeing that that's "not my thing". But I'm making an allowance this time to share what was one of my favorite outfits possibly ever, as well as some details from a beautiful wedding last weekend. I will say that my Megan Park mini-caftan from Vermillion is going down as one of my personal fave fashion moments. I loved the color and comfort factor, and the exquisite beading around the neck line. To accessorize I carried this insannnnnnnnnnnneeeee glitter-bombed Anya Hindmarch clutch, also from Vermillion* and went with some simple Sheila Fajl hoops from Charlotte's. Since the reception was in an absolutely stunning backyard, I went with an older, simple nude heel to avoid wear and tear. 
*Shout out to a one of my favorite people, holler!
Anya Hindmarch from Vermillion

Sheila Fajl Hoops from Charlotte's
For the Friday night party I went with a bit more structure: I paired this beautiful Shoshanna dress (Monkee's Raleigh) with my Rag & Bone (Vermillion) tuxedo blazer and a pair of Rachel Zoe platform pumps (Monkee's Raleigh). Yes, I did fall down, no I refuse to blame myself, the shoes, or 3 cocktails. To all of the witnesses, thank you for not clapping when I got up. I have taken it on as a personal challenge to master walking in those shoes. Anyhoo, I tossed in some (admittedly not masterful) shots from the wedding which was absolutely beautiful and sweet. 

Rag & Bone Tuxedo Jacket from Vermillion
Shoshanna Natasha dress from Monkee's of Raleigh
Rachel Zoe Pump from Monkee's of Raleigh


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