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I popped into the Charleston trunk show at Furbish yesterday to check in with the ├╝ber-talented ladies of the Novel. showroom; those ladies being Liza of Bon Vivant, Lauren of Library, Jane of Jane Pope Jewelry and artist Way Way Allen. Furbish was serving up White Whale cocktails and there was entirely too much amazingness. I mean, y'all see those "Hola" notecards ^^^, right? The gorgeous pale pink opal Jane Pope earrings are on my Christmas list, well, I guess they are my Christmas list. Lauren's gorgeous Library collection was on display AND you folks that couldn't make the show yesterday are SO fortunate, because you can shop her collection on Furbish today!!! Check out the pop-up here. Speaking of, you may have recently seen Way Way's Furbish pop-up, which was featured on the site a few weeks ago. Her warm, abstract paintings are so perfect for adding soft color to a room, check out more of her work on her gorgeous website here. In short, if you missed it, you missed out! :) 


Fall Shopping List: White Overalls

Who What Wear
White denim has definitely made its way into the Fall landscape, mostly in the form of skinny jeans, but I'd like to propose pushing those boundaries even further and present, for your consideration: white overalls for Fall. It's an unlikely choice, I know, but the idea of pairing white overalls with a gray or maybe black cashmere sweater seems like it strikes this euphoric balance of comfort and luxury. I kind of black out thinking about it. Add some pumps to the mix and you're full on serious. My obsession is the Frame Le Garcon version, but the Paige Sierra is super popular as well. DO IT!

1. Frame | 2. Paige | 3. Topshop 

Sincerely Jules


Artist Jennifer Flannigan

Oooo I am loving these abstract pieces from Raleigh artist Jennifer Flannigan. I love that many of them have great texture and pretty gold detail. I am craving the black and white abstracts, I've actually been considering trying to do a couple like that on my own, but you wouldn't believe how incredibly hard it is! That graphic style would look so fantastic over that imaginary navy (or emerald) velvet couch I am getting. Maybe even in a minimalist gold frame? Maybe yes? She also has some playful pieces like the cactus and the kiwi, which are adorable. I highly recommend that you check out more of Jennifer's work here and and read more about the artist here.


Fall Shopping List: Zip Detail Sweaters

I am crazy about the zipper detail sweater trend. It's probably my favorite thing. My love started last season when I dreamed of this Phillip Lim version. First, who doesn't love a good layerable sweater for Fall? While some of the zipper placements are purely for aesthetic interest, the best versions of the trend are actually serving to make the sweater more flattering. Often, I'll find a great chunky sweater that I'll love, but wish was just a tad more forgiving around the bottom. With the functional zips in strategic places, you can actually create a more tunic-style look. This makes layering even easier, and I love the idea of pairing the neutral sweater with a fun stripe or print peeping out. The Veronica Beard version is perfection; it looks fantastic totally unzipped with layers or in zipped form. J Crew has done several fantastic versions at a great price. I've been living in the gray sweatshirt version and plan to get the cream as well. Click above on the product to shop, and below for different options and price points!


Fall Shopping List

So I plan to get more in-depth with this list, giving different options at different price points and several versions of each piece. Some of these I've already posted about but am reiterating here because...you really should get them. This weekend's weather has really forced me to acknowledge that the Fall wardrobe is soon to be a reality, and we've all just got to accept it and be prepared. I don't know about y'all but I am definitely doing a major cleanout this year. It's so bananas how your tastes evolve over the years, and I've had to recognize that some of the things I have held on to because I adored them are just not making it back into the rotation. My advice on closet cleanout is to get rid of things you haven't worn in two seasons-but if it's an investment piece or something you think will stand up long-term (like vintage long-term ladies) you can make allowances. See what shoes can be refurbished and get rid of the ones that are beyond repair. Same for accessories like jewelry and handbags. THEN take stock of what the holes in your wardrobe are. Make a list. Stick with the list. I talked myself out of an Anthropologie cardigan just today because IT'S NOT ON THE LIST. It's a training process. But SO worth it long-term. Stay tuned for a drill down on my list, and click on the item to get details!


Baies Bae

Diptyque Baies And Mimosa Candles Gold Bobby Pin Holders Beauty
This is so genius. I love Diptyque's classic, beautifully rosey Baies candle and it's iconic packaging. You guys ever buy an expensive candle that smells wonderul and looks gorgeous and then not burn it because you can't bear to ruin the perfection? Don't make me feel weird by saying no. I've always had that struggle with Baies. Honestly probably with any candle over $20. I have a glorious, fully boxed up LAFCO Duchess Peony candle sitting on my dresser that I bought at least 6 months ago. (I mean, even the box is too chic to disturb.) BUT! Thanks to the almighty internet, I've discovered there's life after candle burnout. How chic do the Diptyque jars look holding golden bobby pins? Or what about your makeup brushes? Even as a bud vase. I adore this, and I may actually be able to use some of my hoarded candles now. Check out the bottom of the post for some other gorgeously good candles that would be perfect for a second life. 

Baies Diptyque Candle White Alligator Tray Jo Malone Fragrance White Hydrangeas
Ditpyque Mimosa Candle Jar Bud Vase Pink Peonies Jo Malone Candle Bobby Pin Holder
Diptyque Baies Candle Jar Greenery Vase Home Decor


Navy Sectional

Rachel Bilson's Navy Velvet Sectional
A navy blue velvet sectional couch is a dream of mine. I've been told it's impractical, but I'm a rebel. 




THIS "For The Love Of Elephants" sweatshirt. SUPER soft and snuggly. The net proceeds to to help orphaned elephants, so, what more do you need? In life. Ever.


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