Baies Bae

Diptyque Baies And Mimosa Candles Gold Bobby Pin Holders Beauty
This is so genius. I love Diptyque's classic, beautifully rosey Baies candle and it's iconic packaging. You guys ever buy an expensive candle that smells wonderul and looks gorgeous and then not burn it because you can't bear to ruin the perfection? Don't make me feel weird by saying no. I've always had that struggle with Baies. Honestly probably with any candle over $20. I have a glorious, fully boxed up LAFCO Duchess Peony candle sitting on my dresser that I bought at least 6 months ago. (I mean, even the box is too chic to disturb.) BUT! Thanks to the almighty internet, I've discovered there's life after candle burnout. How chic do the Diptyque jars look holding golden bobby pins? Or what about your makeup brushes? Even as a bud vase. I adore this, and I may actually be able to use some of my hoarded candles now. Check out the bottom of the post for some other gorgeously good candles that would be perfect for a second life. 

Baies Diptyque Candle White Alligator Tray Jo Malone Fragrance White Hydrangeas
Ditpyque Mimosa Candle Jar Bud Vase Pink Peonies Jo Malone Candle Bobby Pin Holder
Diptyque Baies Candle Jar Greenery Vase Home Decor

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