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Does anyone else love this gorgeous "Bicah" maxi dress from By Malene Birger? I love the subtle taupe color and its gauzy bohemian-ness. I think it would look great with a tan and a fabulous sandal. Maybe like these I posted about earlier from Monkee's of Raleigh? I love the back too.

Fleur in Raleigh carries By Malene Birger, check their website for some of what they currently have!

Fleur Raleigh

Feeling Woozie

An important part of social drinking is having the proper equipment. Getting older requires more sophisticated equipment, which, in some cases, requires a little investment; getting the right wine glasses or proper high ball glasses can be a bit costly depending on your tastes. One mainstay in beverage consumption is the ever-present coozie, an inexpensive fix to the problem of cold beverage hands, and much cuter than wrapping a napkin around your beer can. (Or Kozy, or koozie, or whatever, but I like coozie. I think it looks nicer.) Now, a truly innovative and inexpensive drinking aid has come to my attention; I present to you the Woozie: a coozie-inspired wine-glass jacket designed to keep your hands warm and dry.

I suppose it's not really proper etiquette to hold a wine glass by the bulb, but honestly after a drink or two who remembers that?? The Woozie operates the same way it's cousin the coozie does, and it is similarly customizable and decorative. The Woozie was created by a mom who was tired of her wine glass sweating at the beach. She took the problem to her sewing machine, and after several prototypes she arrived at the Woozie.

The business is run by Janet Sherron, inventor and innovator extraordinaire, and her family right here in Raleigh. You can buy individual Woozies, or get them in a pack; there's even a Woozie bucket option, an adorable acrylic bucket-perfect for chilling a few bottles-filled with your choice of Woozies. Woozie even have a line of collegiate products, perfect for high-class tailgaters that don't want their game day ruined by sweaty wine glasses. Woozie's would be a great option for a bachelorette/girls' weekend or party favors, perfect for engagements and weddings; you can customize them for any special occasion or even for businesses. Woozie=fun.

Don't worry they have State and ASU

Buy Woozies at the Woozie website:

Or find them on Facebook!


A Little Birdie

Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Bag, crossbody style. Loves it.

BTW, there's a Marc Jacobs on Broughton Street in Savannah


Miller Time

Latest update from Monkee's in Raleigh-they just got these gorgeous Tory Burch "Miller" Sandals in, and they come in several colors: sand, black, silver, gold, coconut, navy, and almond! I love them for spring and summer, and this weather is all the encouragement I need!

Call Monkee's to snag your size, $195!



In With The New

I've kind of been cruising my favorite sites for a new bag lately. I'm not really a bag every season girl; don't get me wrong, I'll obsess all day long but it takes me a long time to commit to purchase as I like to buy the ones I'll like and keep forever. (Or until I have to pawn it.)(I kid.) I am currently carrying my trusty dusty pink Bulga bag from 2005. Ha! I know you remember. I tend to rotate in and out every 3-6 months until there's a new edition. Anyhoo, I love big bags, and I'm in the exploration stages of a new purchase. This lovely DVF bag caught my eye, and I put it on my list. I love the woven texture and the slouchiness of it, and I am very into the crossbody look these days. (I tend to lose things.)

Lo and behold as I was perusing one of my favorite stores in Raleigh, there it was!!! Does that seem like fate?

And I love the way the girls at Gena Chandler have it styled. To me, that is just the right casual transition look. Simple yet stylish, the whole "Oh, I just threw this on" look. Love it girls.

Check out this look, and the rest of the girls new arrivals on their Facebook page:

Or call them:



Eva Peep
The Eva Peep Toe, in Mushroom, by DVF. That is all.

blue chickadee

Whilest, I do not have kids, I love them (and all of my friends can stop laughing now thanks). I definitely get sappy over baby clothes, nurseries, and Goodnight Moon. Thanks to some of my Charleston homies, I've been introduced to WayWay Allen and her sweet line blue chickadee. WayWay is a mother and artist, handpainting everything from totes and bloomers to colorful canvases. Her work is cheerful and bright. She's also got a fantastic blog where she shares her tasteful eye and adventures in motherhood, etc.; she also has a  shop on etsy so you can shop her wares; and she'll also do custom work if you don't see exactly what you're looking for. There is something powerful about the graphic simplicity of her designs. Her paintings can the centerpiece-or the starting point for an entire room. Love it! 

Enjoy some of my faves:

My (very close) second fave, animal cameo fabric & paint mobile.

Totes, picture frames, pillow covers!

Stunning heron (crane??) pillow covers.

Measuring chart, I believe in the artist's own home. I would do this immediately if I had kids.

Notecards and paintings

A fabric lab! I love, want one in honor of my lab!

Marine Life triptych.

And bloomers and bibs!!!!

Read WayWay's blog:

Or go to Facebook:


Elizabeth Yarborough Jewelry | Yarbie Bangles

Inspiration is a funny thing. It's completely individual, we can all look at the same object or person or vista and see or feel something completely different than the person next to us. I love to see what inspires people. I love that artists and designers can see something bigger, a different purpose in everyday items.

Elizabeth Yarborough, a North Carolina native and NYC transplant, takes inspiration for her line of eclectic and whimsical jewelry from vintage finds and items with a sense of history and comfort. Vintage china, spools of thread, the plumes of a rooster, a warm cozy sweater-these are all things Elizabeth uses as both inspiration and material for her eponymous jewelry line Elizabeth Yarborough Jewelry as well as her fun and funky line of bangles, Yarbie Bangles.

Elizabeth Yarborough Jewelry ranges from feminine and romantic to subtle and understated. There are several collections within the line, each having a wildly different inspiration and for. There is a collection filled with chunky bits of chipped china (say that 3 times fast). One of my favorites is an almost masculine series of leather button pieces; they're subtle and understated but confident.

A flirty, feminine, VERY Southern collection features simple satin bows. Elizabeth's sense of humor shines through with her Finger Foods series of sterling rings topped with tiny cakes and pastries; they're adorable and such conversation pieces.

An almost separate element to Elizabeth's line is Yarbie Bangles, a line of bangle bracelets in a variety of sizes and materials. I'm in love with them. I just want to stack up piles of them and use them as decoration!

She uses a range of materials to create her bangles, there are cashmere, silk, cottons, wools, even what looks like old calico fabric. They're fine individually but look fantastic mixed and matched and stacked up your arm.

I particularly love the ones based on a snuggly cable-knit sweater. Altogether a really fun, creative, and fresh jewelry collection.

Yarbie Bangles can be purchased through their online store. Elizabeth has even opened her first standalone storefront in fabulous San Fransisco. With her uniquely creative eye and fresh vision, Elizabeth Yarborough Jewelry is a noteworthy addition to any wardrobe.

Take a look at Elizabeth's inspirations and more pics of her lines at her website:


"Devine" Fashion in Columbia

Having lived in Columbia for several years, and having had no sense of willpower, I got to know shopping in the capital city very well. When I first moved down to SC, I felt like there was somewhat of a lag in fashion and retail in much of the state; by the time I moved to Columbia things had started to change quickly, I was starting to see more of the local retailers carrying some of my favorite brands. I noticed one store seemed to be cutting it's own path and really getting in some of what I consider "advanced fashion", for lack of a better word. It was really exciting to me, and I'm sure to all the other fashion-savvy ladies in Cola who weren't finding those really special pieces in town.

A view from inside
I moved away, but on a subsequent visit to town I stopped by this store and was abbbbsolutely floored. The boutique was packed with so much gorgeous fashion that I had a slight panic attack. This fabulous boutique, Van Jean, had taken it to another level. Almost every designer I was crazy about was represented, the racks were filled with everything from beautiful gowns to cotton sundress; ya'll Van Jean even has ALL of your swim needs covered-handbags, shoes, sunglasses, Tory Burch IPAD CASES!!!, you name it. It was like a boutique department store, the promised land if you like. Not to mention that the store is beautifully decorated and merchandised; I could spend hours there.

Tibi "Constellation" Dress
I keep up with the store regularly through their Facebook page, etc. and they are consistently bringing in my favorite styles and designers. I honestly think Van Jean brought real, true fashion to Columbia.

Hunter Dixon Dress with KJL Necklace
Every time I see pictures from Columbia social events and ask friends about their outfits, they are straight from Van Jean. The owner, Melissa Blanchard, just knows what's up. I never thought I'd see the day when Marchesa was hitting the streets of good old Columbia. If you ever even drive near Columbia, it is worth taking the exit and heading over to Devine Street for a shopping power hour. As a matter of fact, it should probably be manditory.

One of my faves, Marysia SWIM from Charleston
A sample of what you'll find at Van Jean: Philip Lim, Rebecca Taylor, Milly, Marchesa, Ports 1961, Hunter Dixon, Tibi, Loeffler Randall, Kenneth Jay Lane, Jodi Arnold, Tucker, Leifsdottir. It goes on...

Tibi Draped Dress and Tory Burch Jacket
Not to mention, only a few doors away Melissa also owns Pout!, an luxurious makeup, skincare, and beautification outpost. (More on that later!)

Tory Burch Laptop Case!!! Love.
Visit Van Jean in Columbia:
2734 Devine Street





The Most Fashionable Library

Since I have started writing this blog, I've been talking to friends all over the place about the people in their area who are exceptionally fashionable or creative. I've said before that I think Charleston is becoming a hot spot for style and fashion, and when speaking to folks down there I keep hearing the same name-Lauren Lail. Sooo many people have mentioned Lauren and her store Library: Archives of Fashion, a carefully edited vintage store housed in Lauren's home in Charleston and available to everyone through her online store. It is one of THE coolest platforms for buying and appreciating vintage that I'm aware of, and I think that Lauren is really fostering a new market for couture vintage in the South.

In Library
This isn't thrift shop vintage. Lauren is fully educated on fashion and design, and she clearly has an understanding of what makes a piece worthy of being added to a collector's "Library". The philosophy behind Library is that women want to be known for their distinctive style, and that this style can't just be bought at your local boutique-it has to be enhanced with pieces that are timeless and unique. I love the notion of mixing trends and what's now with one-of-a-kind vintage, and I think that the woman who can do that is usually the one we are asking about her outfit.

Beautiful blue halter dress
Adorable scoop back bow dress

Lauren travels all over the country on her quest to bring fine vintage to the South, and she also keeps a running list for clients who may have a particular item or designer they are hoping to add to their wardrobes. (A vintage personal shopper...amazing!) A tour through her website will give you an idea of the high standards Lauren has for quality and condition.

Via Look Linger Love
 Her items will inspire you to be creative, to imagine the pieces living amongst your J Brands, and how to make them relevant to your own modern wardrobe. A shift dress could be hemmed and belted, a lacy nightgown-lined and worn to a cocktail party. It's all about vision. The thing that I dislike about vintage shopping is having to dig and pick; Library has done that for us, it makes it easy.

Vintage Chanel. LOVE
 I am totally amazed by the whole thing. I think that Lauren is bringing a whole new appreciation of couture vintage as well as accessibility to the South. Library should definitely be on your shopping list the next time you head for Charleston, and in the meantime take full advantage of shopping the fabulous website. And three cheers for Lauren Lail and her love of vintage!!!

Vintage Gucci clutch
Fun rainbow stripe clutch
Shop Library: Archives of Fashion:

Or at the store:
105-B Rutledge Avenue
Charleston, SC 29401


Read Lauren's Blog:

OR Friend them on Facebook:


Get Shorty

Lauren Moffatt look from Fleur in Raleigh! Love!
I am totally inspired to write this by my friends over at II Brunettes in Charleston; they are all about the shorts over there, and I am sooo ready to be with them. Everyone is starting to get their spring in, and I have been eating it up. Here are a few of my favorite new looks from some of my favorite style makers and where you can get them!

Casual II Brunettes look from Charleston. Such a fan of cross-body bags!

Favorite. BleuBelle Savannah, check out BleuBelle Express

Look from II Brunettes. They've already sold out of the top but the re-order should be in next week!
Put your name on one. I'm getting on the list!

A Jules Reid look from Fleur, the shorts are gorgeous!

II Brunettes, Mt. Pleasant, SC:

BleuBelle, Savannah, GA:

Fleur, Raleigh, NC:

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