Turkish T

 I'm a big fan of the adult blanky. Judge me all you want but I still have mine and I will cut you if you touch it. I slightly obsess over things that can almost double as a wrap or shawl/travel blanket (AKA adult blanky). I love this Nashville-based line, Turkish T, for their gorgeous Turkish cotton blanky/wrap/towels. Another amazing Taigan find, BTW. The colorful guys above are the Beach Candy Basic, and are their staple. It can be a pareo, a wrap, a beach towel, or a blanket. The colors are super enticing, but I love that the gray is really subtle and sophisticated (below). Their textiles are handwoven in Turkey using 100% natural cotton or linen cloth, and they're the oldest and largest distributor of hand-loomed Turkish cotton and linen products in the US. (You just learned something!) They also do bath and hand towels, and even towels for baby. It's a great year round thing to have in the repertoire. The BEST, most amazing thing about their products is the price! I think the most expensive thing I looked at was $45. They make for a good holiday gift or stocking stuffer. 

Delicate Bamboo Honeycomb towel. Super luxe. 

Towels for the baby!


New Choos

CHOOS! Insane Jimmy Choos from Bergdorf's. That is all.

Happy Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday everybody-I hope everyone is coming out of their turkey comas! I think the earliest anyone here hit the streets was about 7:30 (and that was Lowe's, so no real excitement here). I feel like I have almost perfected my internet shopping strategy, so I don't really feel compelled to get out there with the masses on Black Friday. Not to mention, after having worked so many of these days, I still suffer a bit of PTSD. I've spent some time this morning perusing some of my favorite sites, and I just wanted to share with you this stunning number from Philip Lim. Just because. It's amazing. It comes in black to for those who might desire a bit more subtlety. Shop it here.


Turkey Day Survival Wear

Alice + Olivia Cape, Shopbop
I feel like you're supposed to look nice on Thanksgiving; despite the fact that every year I'm surrounded by a bunch of dudes that wouldn't notice if I were sporting a shaved head. It just seems like you should look holiday-ish. With other holidays, this doesn't really pose such a problem-with Thanksgiving, however, you have to factor in that your cute holiday outfit needs to be expandable. If you're not wearing something with stretch, you will inevitably be in sweatpants by 3:30. This year it seems certain designers had Thanksgiving in mind when they were planning their Fall collections. I love the idea of any of these "sweatpants" with a great cashmere sweater, or an oxford shirt and a great heel. It's a really uncomplicated look, and you can be both comfortable and stylish. Again, not that it matters around our house, but maybe yours.

3.1 Philip Lim, Obsessed!!! Shopbop

Isabelle Cashmere Sweater, J Crew

3.1 Philip Lim sweats, Shopbop

Cashmere sweater, Bop Basics, Shopbop. One of my faves, in a bunch of colors
J Crew skinny sweats, great price too!


Ballenger Jacket From Hunter Dixon

Hunter Dixon Ballenger Jacket
This Hunter Dixon jacket is totally asking to be in my closet. It has started stalking me, and has told me it will not stop until I take it home with me. What I love about it is that I could wear this to the office or to a cocktail party. It’s a great everyday wear because its construction and color are going to add interest to your basic skinny pants or jeans, but you can totally showcase the subtle yet beautiful beading detail at the shoulder for a more evening look. I’ve been really into adding versatile items to my wardrobe lately, and this is the perfect example in what to look for-simple but has the wow factor built in. I must tell you, the other part of the fabulousness of this jacket is the price: it’s just over $200. Van Jean in Columbia has it in this fab chartreuse color, and it is sure to be a highly coveted piece. 
Call Van Jean: 803.252.4339
Visit their latest on Facebook here

Below is a slightly better view of the beadwork bling on the shoulder, as well as a lovely berry color version. Love. It. 

Via Aria


Lela Rose Makes Me Happy

I'm in love, love, LOVE with Lela Rose's Resort '12 collection. The floral prints (like the skirt above) are gorgeous, the gowns and dresses are inSANE. But I must admit, on a (slightly) more practical level, the chartreuse trousers are just about my favorite thing. The color pops, but is actually just a bit dusty, so in a way they're almost "neutral"? The subtle pleat and amazingly puddly drape are perfection. The girls at Vermillion have them styled with a chunky, flowered Lela statement cuff and short sleeved sweater. AND all of the flowers adorning the sweater are actually little brooches! So you get free jewelry with your sweater. This look and the gorgeous skirt and top are all at Vermillion now.

Call them!

Via NYMag.com


Just Add Fur

Adrienne Landau Fur Pull Through Scarf, via Shopbop
I hopefully will not offend any anti-furriers out there, but I do so enjoy a lovely fur detail. I have a very pretty silvery-white fur coat of my mother’s that I love to wear a few times during the holiday season. And obviously, I love the fur vest trend of the past few years (that one’s faux if anyone’s counting), and really they’ve really made great synthetics that are wonderful. But I really want to add a fur scarf/collar to the mix. The brilliant thing about a piece like this is that you can instantly turn a plain blazer or jacket into a fur! If you situate it along the lapels, it looks like it just belongs there! But you can also wear it simply over a cocktail dress or blouse to add some luxe with out breaking the bank (This one's only $195). Not to mention, it’ll keep your neck warm! Yay!


Moda Operandi

Manish Arora S/S '12

Is anyone else here familiar with Moda Operandi? It might be life changing. Founded by fashion mavens Lauren Santo Domingo (of Vogue) and Áslaug Magnúsdóttir (who's apparently done everything), Moda Operandi allows its members (normal people like you and I) to basically have access to pre-order styles from the latest runway shows. They have "trunk shows" daily on the site, if you want to order an upcoming style you pay a deposit and the balance is due when the items are ready to ship. The trunk shows range from uber-high end to great ready-to-wear labels. One week I am shopping Spring DVF and Alexander Wang, the next drooling over $5,000 Roger Vivier stilettos. (Only a $2,500 down payment!) 

Roger Vivier Swan Sandal
I am just obsessed with the concept. It's one part layaway (which I love and think everyone should have) (just for me) and two parts that feeling of being on the inside. Most of us just don't have that kind of access, and how very thoughtful of two well-regarded insiders to share that with us. (In all sincerity). I literally plan what I want to buy from the runways, and sit there in anticipation of a collection that won't be out for months-and NOW I have an outlet to indulge my compulsion! You have to request membership by going to the website, even if you're just window shopping it's worth seeing these pieces in detail. Sign up here, and try not to get carried away!  

Carolina Herrera Mochila, part of the kickass BeLive Wayuu Mochila Project


Givenchy Mochila


Jewel Obsession: Jamie Wolf

 New jewelry obsession: Jamie Wolf! Jamie is a former dancer in the New York City Ballet. She spent 10 years in the company before leaving to pursue her passion for jewelry making. I love the delicate yet statement-making nature of her pieces, which are all hand made in 18 karat yellow, white or rose gold. I'm really into the bangles and cuffs. I think a few of those stacked up would be show stopping. Peruse the collection on her website (which is lovely BTW); you can order some items directly from the site or there is a "locate" feature for those not sold online. She also does custom work. OH! And she designed Natalie Portman's engagement ring (she danced with Natalie's fiancee)!


Ski Bunny

Paul & Joe Sister Aspen Sweater
Although the last two days haven’t been bitingly cold here, it’s sweater weather. I am loving this Paul & Joe Sister sweater from Fleur. Very ski-bunny chic don't you think? "Aspen" is the perfect name for it. (Although skiing is not required to show it off.) The “Sister” line is an  offshoot from Paul & Joe, designed by French designer Sophie Albou. It’s bit more feminine and fun, with a little bit of quirkiness mixed in. Fleur has some great pieces from them right now, particularly outerwear-great coats and heavy sweaters.

Call Fleur to put yours on reserve! 

Check out the rest of their Paul & Joe Sister delivery here


'Tis That Season

It's starting! Christmas is up at Charlotte's! The store is as lovely and festive as ever!

Charlotte's at North Hills


Living In Technicolor

In an attempt to pretend like it's not actually starting to get cold, I've been rooting around in the upcoming looks from Resort and Spring, and NEON is back. I remember when hot pink and electric green were my favorite colors, and I had scrunchies and hyper-color shirts in both hues. I would say that the neon looks these days are a bit more sophisticated. There is nothing like a pop of color to make you dream of the tropics. Even if you can't quite get behind wearing a full on outfit in neon, I love adding one of these shoes, or a piece of neon jewelry to a plain black outfit. These are some of my faves (so far). 

Brian Atwood, Neiman Marcus
Lela Rose, Shopbop
Brian Atwood, Neiman Marcus
12th Street, Shopbop
Jimmy Choo, Neiman Marcus
Michael Kors, Saks.com 
Shoshanna, Saks.com


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