Just Add Fur

Adrienne Landau Fur Pull Through Scarf, via Shopbop
I hopefully will not offend any anti-furriers out there, but I do so enjoy a lovely fur detail. I have a very pretty silvery-white fur coat of my mother’s that I love to wear a few times during the holiday season. And obviously, I love the fur vest trend of the past few years (that one’s faux if anyone’s counting), and really they’ve really made great synthetics that are wonderful. But I really want to add a fur scarf/collar to the mix. The brilliant thing about a piece like this is that you can instantly turn a plain blazer or jacket into a fur! If you situate it along the lapels, it looks like it just belongs there! But you can also wear it simply over a cocktail dress or blouse to add some luxe with out breaking the bank (This one's only $195). Not to mention, it’ll keep your neck warm! Yay!

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