Lock It Up Part Deux

Check this amazzzzing bracelet from II Brunettes! Reminiscent of my all-time fave Cartier Love bracelet, it's a fantastically subtle accessory. This version is from CC Skye, and will only cost you about 1/20th of a Love bracelet. (AKA $110). Side note about Love bracelets, here in NC I can literally go a year, two years without seeing a Love bracelet out and about on some fabulous arm; when I was in Palm Beach recently I saw no less than four in one weekend. (In this economy I ask you!). It was the accessory out by the pool. If that doesn't give you a case of the green eyed monster I do not know what does. Maybe someday folks, maybe someday. 

Call II Brunettes, I know they won't be able to keep these in the store!
843. 881.2636

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