Color Block

Now, when I was growing up, it was explained to me that red and pink, much like navy and black, do not go together. I, however, tended to disagree with this philosophy, and apparently was not alone. To me, those color combinations are something akin to an analogous color scheme, just skipping a few of the intermediary colors and getting straight to the point. I am in love with this look from Adam that they just got in at Vermillion; the hot pink is just set off by the red. I think the simplicity of the look is what balances out the color blocking, preventing it from being “loud”. The pants are amazing. Amazing. Perfectly draped and pleated. I’ve started seeing more of this shape with the shirt, you will be able to do a lot with it. Great with jeans, not too much fabric to be tucked into a pencil skirt or high-waisted pants. The dress is another great Adam find. Fantastic color, very simplified shape, and then SURPRISE! there’s a slit down the back adding just a little something extra. (Not to mention the dress is a STEAL!!!) 
Check Vermillion's Facebook for other new arrivals or call them at 919. 787.9780 (Is it bad that I know that number by heart? 


  1. Van Jean has a good pic of the pant/top on their facebook page with the top tucked in - great looking pants. (of course, I would buy at Verm!)

  2. YES! I saw that, and, as always LOVE the way they styled it! Another great option!



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