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Happy Friday y'all! Here are some of the wonderful things I've encountered on the wide world of the interwebs this week! 

1. Eat: This gorgeous and simple meal featuring my beloved burrata cheese. It's light but decadent, it's easy and I don't see any way one could screw this up. Enjoy!

2. Sign up: Raleigh friends, I'm really intrigued by the arrival of Dinner Lab. They describe themselves as a "social dining experiment that unites undiscovered chefs with adventurous diners who are looking for something different from the conventional restaurant experience." The membership gets you access to their dinner events, which are held throughout the year at surprise venues. It sounds like a delicious way to meet new people and check out up and coming chefs. I think I'm in. 

3. Stay: I want to plan a visit to the 21C Museum Hotel that just opened up over in Durham. It looks like a super chic spot for a staycation, and is also home to a contemporary art museum. There are also giant hot pink penguins all over the place, soooo.

4. Read: This great interview in Garden & Gun with the GREAT Bill Withers, who will soon be a Rock 'N Roll Hall of Famer. I'd also suggest that you purchase all of these if you aren't familiar with Bill Withers. Or even if you are, really.

5. Shop: this adamndorable dress from J Crew + take 25% off with code HAPPYSPRING! In fact, shop all of their Spring must-haves this weekend for 25%. Woot, woot! 

6. Read: One of the best articles of I have about being happy. Seriously.

In case you missed it:

Feeling floraly for Spring!

I have a serious case of wanderlust.

And need the luggage to go with me.

Have a lovely weekend! 


Travel: Luggage Love

Since I've been on a travel kick this week, I naturally went down a luggage search internet rabbit hole and wound up on Kate Spade's travel shop and obsessing over this ^^ chipper green floral print- which is clearly on par with my floral fixation. I also love the classic Cobble Hill "Sami" duffel; you can't go wrong with a pretty tan duffel in my opinion. You can toss in your travel wallet or passport (this passport holder is stinkin' adorable), your jewelry or makeup bags-even another handbag. I also love the black and white striped Lyla weekender, a good weekender really is a top-notch overnight or long weekend bag. (Duh.) While you're scoping out your new Kate Spade luggage pop over to the sale section, there are some great finds there, like this little crossbody mini


Wanderlust: Ocean View Club

The glimpses of spring and sun and warmth are giving me a major case of wanderlust, and I find myself Frequenting the Ocean View Club’s website and Instagram account over and over again. They have an almost cryptic website; it’s full of gorgeous pictures (like all of the ones you see here) but little else by way of actual “hotel” information. And I don’t really think they even consider themselves a hotel; they essentially say as much, instead calling OVC “like a second home to those we call our guests”. Whimsical no? The property is home to a menagerie of animals including dogs, a handful of goats and a donkey, which I adore. Rooms are full-on shabby chic, beach style. No carpet, no whirlpool tubs. A place where shoes are likely discouraged. Outdoor showers. Heck, outdoor clawfoot tubs…looking into the deep blue yonder. Reviews are mostly good, some folks don’t love the more rustic elements of the accommodations, but I’d think you’d be better off if that is what you go there looking for. It’s a family run business, so there isn’t a large staff. But again, if you want to unplug on an island, and you love real beach living, I feel like this is paradise. Besides, the OVC is located on the spectacular Harbour Island, and there are plenty of gorgeous places to check out if you find yourself needing a bit of nightlife or a change of (exquisite) scenery.


Florals! Everywhere!

Florals are everywhere! I know it's officially Spring but apparently the weather isn't fully up-to-date on that yet. So I'm checking out pretty floral prints to keep the Spring vibes strong. There is definitely a print for everybody; if you're not into pinks and pastels give this and this or this a look. It's a stronger/bolder way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe lineup. I'm super ready to sport some of these styles. Shop some other faves below!


Bar Cabinet

Anthropologie Bar Cabinet Mint And Gold Tracey Boyd

In relation to yesterday's post, I'm still obsessing over this mint bar cabinet from Anthropologie. It would be the perfect home for my new champage coupes, yes? It comes in cream too!

Anthropologie Bar Cabinet Mint And Gold Tracey Boyd


Living Room DIY

Image Via Brittany Makes

I am definitely a "project" person. I don't mind putting in sweat equity to a) save money and b) keep myself occupied. There's something sooo satisfying about DIY. (When it actually turns out OK!) I have been contemplating a few living room projects lately, and have totally found my muses. One thing I really wanted to do is a bar cabinet. THIS is what I dream of at night, but I'll let you when I when the lottery guys. So I started looking for a DIY. I'd found a gorgeous one that I loved but seemed a little daunting, so I kind of gave up. But then I found this super chic mid-century style IKEA hack over on Brittany Makes and I feel like I'm back! I am loving the gold paper she used on the interior, it's wrapping paper if you can believe it. I think I'd gold with a wallpaper as it seems like that would be a it more durable but you get the idea. The work involved is minimal, as is the price. Check out her blog for the details and her other great DIYS. 

The second project I really want to get done is a new coffee table. I would LOVE to be able to invest in something like this (or a pair!) from Serena & Lily, but unfortunately even at OKL prices it's still out of reach for me. So this lovely DIY from Hunted Interior fits my bill and really creates a high end look with a tiny bit of elbow grease. This is another IKEA hack that seriously involves spray paint and some basic art skills, and should cost you well under $100. Click here for the play-by-play. (PS-I also love her rug.)

Image Via Brittany Makes

Image Via Hunted Interior

Image Via Hunted Interior



The Joie Friends & Family event is a do-not-miss kind of thing. You can snap up some of their dreamy boho florals-the Sarnelle romper is my absolute favorite-for 25% off through March 23rd. Use the code JOIEFRIENDS sitewide to score the 25% off discount. 

A few other things on my list:

I'm thinking the Solimar or Socoa Sandals would be perfect neutral options for summer.

Perhaps paired with this pretty embroidered tunic and the Coulette shorts.

I love a good sweatshirt option for Spring/Summer and this striped number does the trick for sure. 

This sweet dress is perfect for a casual day out and about in the sunshine.

Don't miss out! Stock up on some Spring goodies!


Hair Pinspiration

I'm looking forward to celebrating the 10th anniversary of my friend Ashley's store, Vermillion, this weekend over at the Merrimon-Wynne House. I'm so proud of her success and constantly in awe of her style. I think I'm sporting a new midi version of the Ramey tunic and THESE crazy fringe heels, so I've been looking for some boho chic hair pinspiration to take with me to Glam Lounge tomorrow to pull it all together. These are some of my faves so far.



Must Watch: The Jinx

Andrew Jareki Robert Durst The Jinx HBO
via HBO
If you do one thing this week, binge watch the HBO docu-series The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst. I have been tuning in each week, but you can get caught up on HBO Go or on-demand so you can get the final episode payoff this Sunday. 

Quick overview in case you’re not familiar, Robert Durst is an heir to one of the oldest, most successful family-run real estate companies in New York City. As in, they run One World Trade Center. So he is very wealthy. He has been a suspect in multiple decades-old murders, including the presumed murder/disappearance of his wife Kathie. He is generally weird and 100% a damaged human being, yet he is somehow strangely engaging and not unlikable. The Jinx is being referred to as the Serial* of TV, and I have to agree. The dark story and strange behavior combined with a lack of hard evidence in most cases is intriguing and addictive. You want to find a way for the suspect to not be guilty, or, to at least come clean with the truth and give victim’s families closure. 

BUT! As anti-climactic as Serial was for most of us.....this is the exact opposite. Last week a bomb was dropped at the very end of the episode that literally gave me chills and made my hair stand on end. And like Serial, the information was new to the show’s producers as well, resulting in some pretty stunned reactions. I’m getting chills again thinking about it. POINT BEING: get creepy, watch the show and tune in with me on Sunday. Literally, someone come over and watch with me. It's scary. 

*Guys, if you haven't heard of Serial, you are clearly just learning about the internet or coming out of a coma, so welcome! Please go download the Serial podcast and enjoy this new storytelling medium!



Don't Miss: Piperlime Sale

Don't miss out on saving between 20-30% off of shoes + bags + accessories at Piperlime, happening now with code YOUNEEDIT! This is an excellent opportunity to get some spring wardrobe refreshers, like this yummy pink + tan Clare V. clutch, under your belt (ha, get it?). 

A few of my faves: 


Link Love

Happy Friday y'all! Here are some of the wonderful things I've encountered on the wide world of the interwebs this week! 

1. Go: I have been stalking, I mean stalking the Ocean View Club on the internet this week. Check out their Instagram too, it will give your serious lifestyle envy!

2. Read: This quick piece on words and proper usage. These are a few of those little things that we probably all screw up from time to time and this is a helpful refresher. I was once stationery shamed by my friends Louise of Fleur and Liza of Bon Vivant, so that's one I haven't forgotten.

3. DIY: This DIY marble tray from The House Of Wood is seriously dumb dumb-proof. And el cheapo. Perfect weekend project/low-effort sense of accomplishment! 

4. Coveting: Squee! The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel. The Grand Budapest Hotel has a coffee table book! This companion book to The Wes Anderson Collection features behind the scenes info, images and "ephemera" that paint a vivid picture of making this gorgeous movie.

5. Daily Dose Of Adorable: Quirky armadillo slides from the ALC Music Festival!

6. Eat: Seven easy one-pot dinner ideas from Domaine Home. Make your life easier + trick friends and family into thinking you're a chef. Genius.

In case you missed it:

Speaking of Wes Anderson...

DO NOT MISS the Shopbop sale.

Bags of the rainbow.

Have a lovely weekend! 


Don't Miss: Shopbop BIG Sale

Have you guys shopped the big sale at Shopbop yet? EVERYTHING is on sale, and you can save up to 25% when you use the code BIGEVENT15. Squeals! I'm focused on Spring-type things like these Loeffler Randall fringed sandals I posted about recently, or this gorgeous floral romper

Here are some of my wish list items:

-This dress is SO flattering and SO comfortable, and it comes in this gorgeous yellow too!
-You can't go wrong with this simple + classic black one-piece, easy to wear and flattering. 
-I'm obsessed with just about everything Zimmermann does, including this girly romper that would be perfect for a tropical getaway. Or just summer. 
-Or this two-toned, striped romper from RED Valentino. 
-The colors in this dress are screaming summer. Perfect for a cocktail party or Spring wedding. 
-The pink Phillip Lim Pashli bag that I posted about earlier this month. All the yes. 
-Anything (everything) from Marysia Swim

More picks:


Color Code: Spring Bags

Since it's March, apparently, I think I'm ready for color! Considering updating with a bright new bag, and there are soo many good ones to choose from right now. I particularly love the blushy-pink Chloe "Lizzie" satchel; I feel like it adds some color but is close enough to neutral to work with a lot of palettes. Click the bags to shop!

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