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If you do one thing this week, binge watch the HBO docu-series The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst. I have been tuning in each week, but you can get caught up on HBO Go or on-demand so you can get the final episode payoff this Sunday. 

Quick overview in case you’re not familiar, Robert Durst is an heir to one of the oldest, most successful family-run real estate companies in New York City. As in, they run One World Trade Center. So he is very wealthy. He has been a suspect in multiple decades-old murders, including the presumed murder/disappearance of his wife Kathie. He is generally weird and 100% a damaged human being, yet he is somehow strangely engaging and not unlikable. The Jinx is being referred to as the Serial* of TV, and I have to agree. The dark story and strange behavior combined with a lack of hard evidence in most cases is intriguing and addictive. You want to find a way for the suspect to not be guilty, or, to at least come clean with the truth and give victim’s families closure. 

BUT! As anti-climactic as Serial was for most of us.....this is the exact opposite. Last week a bomb was dropped at the very end of the episode that literally gave me chills and made my hair stand on end. And like Serial, the information was new to the show’s producers as well, resulting in some pretty stunned reactions. I’m getting chills again thinking about it. POINT BEING: get creepy, watch the show and tune in with me on Sunday. Literally, someone come over and watch with me. It's scary. 

*Guys, if you haven't heard of Serial, you are clearly just learning about the internet or coming out of a coma, so welcome! Please go download the Serial podcast and enjoy this new storytelling medium!


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