Le Charlot
If you are looking for that elusive perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe (the one that makes a black shift cocktail wear, or makes your tank top and jeans an outfit) then you should seriously consider investing in a piece from ROARKE New York. Their intricately beaded, fringed, and studded necklaces, bracelets and headpieces are literally showstopping. Each piece is delicate while at the same time substantial. Their designs have evolved since the brand formed in 2009, and they have added a wedding collection featuring beaded garters, neckties, and even glam bow ties. ROARKE has been evolving their classics and have added some funkier Aztec patterns as well as fringe and some fierce studs on some of their newer designs. The girls behind the brand are just as fabulous: Mignonne Gavigan and Laetitia Stanfield both got their start in the fashion industry in NYC with Mignonne working for Marc Jacobs and Asprey and Laetitia as a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman. The girls have southern roots; Mignonne was raised in Charlotte, NC and went to UNC and Laetitia in Middleburg, VA and graduated from George Washington. ROARKE has been mentioned on the pages of INSTYLE, Vogue, and Womens' Wear Daily. Their chic pieces come in a variety of styles and colors; the hot pink Le Charlot pearl and chiffon bib necklace is one of my favorites. The girls at Gena Chandler in Raleigh can't keep them in stock. You can peruse the collection in person there, or see all of the styles and options on ROARKE's website.

Le Charlot

Check out ROARKE and all of the other must-haves locally at Gena Chandler in Raleigh:
4209-106 Lassiter Mill Road @ The Alexan North Hills Raleigh, NC 27609

or ROARKE's website:


Favorite Things

I'll also be posting things I love and think that you should too (not necessarily southern but I'm all for equal opportunity)
Something I have recently acquired and think that we should all have is a piggy bank! I know you've probably had one before and probably feel no need to have one now, but there is something almost exhilarating about dropping my spare change into my oinky little friend. I know others who have done this with jars and buckets, but I am a big advocate for an old-fashioned real live piggy bank. They are kitschy and cute and typically inexpensive. You'd be surprised how much money all that change adds up to, and you can use the proceeds for a shopping spree, a vacay, a facelift, whatever you want. In addition, it's a great thing to get your kids doing. (Maybe they can pay for college?)

There are hundreds of little piggys on Etsy, these guys are particularly adorable:

Etsy Piggy Banks!

Proud Mary (Indeed)

For those of you familiar with the Charleston area, you may have already heard of Proud Mary. Proud Mary is a company founded by Harper Poe several years ago with a goal of designing and producing quality fabrics through partnering with artisan co-ops in developing nations. They've made created some beautiful fabrics over the past few years, all while being environmentally friendly and socially responsible. The clutch pictured above is from their "Quill" collection created by artisans in South Africa. There are several different patterns and many products available currently on their website. In addition to running and designing for this awesome company Harper and her husband John also own an amazing, socially conscious coffee shop in Charleston called Hope and Union. You can visit them at 199 St. Philip Street!
Visit the website and shop!

You can also hear more from Harper at her blog:

Happy New Year~

Happy New Year to all! I am hoping to create a blog (which is very hip for someone who thought that gchat could see me) that highlights the fashion, shopping, art and entertainment that has it's roots here in the South. I've realized in the past few years how many of our very own have shown such entrepreneurialism and creativity in diving in to their own endeavors and dreams. Hopefully I can help call attention to some of those! I'll also provide some commentary on the greater world of these same industries, because I love them.

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