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I'll also be posting things I love and think that you should too (not necessarily southern but I'm all for equal opportunity)
Something I have recently acquired and think that we should all have is a piggy bank! I know you've probably had one before and probably feel no need to have one now, but there is something almost exhilarating about dropping my spare change into my oinky little friend. I know others who have done this with jars and buckets, but I am a big advocate for an old-fashioned real live piggy bank. They are kitschy and cute and typically inexpensive. You'd be surprised how much money all that change adds up to, and you can use the proceeds for a shopping spree, a vacay, a facelift, whatever you want. In addition, it's a great thing to get your kids doing. (Maybe they can pay for college?)

There are hundreds of little piggys on Etsy, these guys are particularly adorable:

Etsy Piggy Banks!

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