Product Party!

I recently hosted some lovely ladies, with my frond Jamie Meares, for a cute little dinner thing with the added bonus of being a beauty swap. We got the idea from a friend of mine in NYC who has a group that dines together a few times a year and, at dinner, everyone presents their latest favorite beauty product. The things that's most currently changing their lives and faces lol. I loved the idea and was looking for a reason to get some friends together so, guess what we did! You never know if stuff like this is going to be forced family fun, but I'm here to tell you, everyone was totally there for it. I think (if you're at least my age-ish) everyone is actually interested in hearing what other people are doing to take care of themselves. I think whether it's fitness or mental/spiritual wellbeing or beauty, everyone kinda wants to know how everyone else is "doing it". We had a few girls there who really knew their sh*t and most of us are just normal moderately/well informed consumers looking for stuff that works. Everyone really brought something to the table, we all asked questions and we all left armed with some samples (thanks to Blue Mercury, Parlor, PAINTBASE and Smokeshow) and shopping lists (which we actually had and I'll share as a PDF at some point for y'all to use). I've linked most of the products above but I'm listing out below as well. Please feel free to ask questions or for more recs - if I don't have an answer or something to offer I'm always happy to seek something out! I highly recommend hosting your own product swap, we plan on doing it again!

A few more items of note, we had this bonkers cheese board by Raleigh Cheesy, and beautiful tablescaping by Meares + Furbish Studio. I wore this delightful Ulla dress (similar here). I also scooped this tent which is bonkers and I love it. We also used these glasses which are life changing (and on sale rn), and I will be doing a TED Talk on them. 



Hey guys! Wassup. So today I'm sharing something a little out-of-character for me, I HAD A BERFDAY PARTY. A few of my favorites (missing a few!) and I gathered for a birthday-turned-galentine's ish party at my friend Allison's (who y'all may know from Parlor or @Blondentrepreneurs) house mostly to celebrate my cake, which was from the amazing Milk Bar dessert haven in NYC (and LA and other neat cities) and drink rosé. Y'all not only was this cake gorgeous but it was (a good prop) and DELICIOUS. They also have the cutest little mini version for two you can order for Valentines! One of my other faves Jamie Meares of Furbish + I Suwanee fame gave the assist on styling the tablescape. Isn't it gorge? Something fun that we discussed over the course of conversation was that the placemats were Furbish from a minute ago but she styled them with new goodies which gave them new life and sparked new joy. (Speaking of placemats, these are the most.) It made me go check out what I haven't used in a while to think of new ways to style them. Anyway, another item of note, Allison is the consummate hostess and a tremendous cook so we stayed out of her way with the food - and I'm glad we did, she did this gorgeous salmon in her Instant Pot!!! If you don't know Instant Pot I suggest you hit the Googles, it's like a tiny hybrid Crockpot but it does things (safely), in like, lightning speed. It's wild. 10/10. Rounding things out were my fave rosés - Jacqueline Leonne (the BEST) and duh Yes Way Rosé. We all did fun nails over at PAINTBASE to pre-game and I feel like everyone was wonderfully on theme. I also love the cute Self Portrait mini dress I was shuffling around in - which is also PERFECT for Valentine's Day should you be celebrating it. The zipper detail and ruching make it super flattering. I'm adding a gallery of some other Valentine-inspired goodies below for your perusal. In summary, we had the best time. I so enjoyed spending some focused time with my friends talking life, being silly, throwing confetti at each other and taking a million pictures because hashtag content. 

Photos: Olivia Hockaday / Moogmonster


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