These rings made from vintage Chanel buttons are amazing. So chic and one-of-a-kind! Available, along with some other gorgeous vintage Chanel pieces, at Charlotte's at North Hills.
Call them at 919.787.7113


Easy Rider

I mean, I don't really have to explain these do I? Ash's Scott Equestrian Boot, $335 (WHAT?) via Shopbop.


Cocktail Hour Chic

DVF Kipling Shirt, $285

I'm in love with this gauzy chiffon top from DVF. I'm a sucker for a good, flowy blouse. And this is one that would be great with black skinny pants, tucked into jeans, or belted over a black pencil skirt! Now, I'm left contemplating the look as they're styling at DVF. I have been very hesitant to do shorts and tights, or with heels for that matter. BUT, for some reason this look is appealing to me. They have it shown with the Clean Simca short, in a cotton velvet. I think it sort of makes the look more cocktail-y. I would do the look with a pair of booties, something like the Alejandro Ingelmo version pictured below, I tend to hate strappy shoes with tights. I would wear this out for drinks or dinner for sure. 

Alejandro Ingelmo bootie, $625, Shopbop


Wu Me.

Jason Wu's Spring '12 collection. The waves of fabric make me swoon. (sWuuun) You can find more Jason Wu at Vermillion in Raleigh.

Images via Vogue.com

Turquoise Baubles

CC Skye Gigi Necklace, $251 at II Brunettes

I am nothing if not a lover of turquoise. I have a firm belief that both turquoise and coral can be worn by anyone of any size, shape, or color and that it will, in fact, make them look better. It sounds slightly silly, and I have done no scientific studies to back up my theory, but I somehow feel that because these colors are like nature's cosmetics, they are here to make us look better. I've just never seen a pop of a coral necklace or a turquoise earring do anything but make someone's complexion appear brighter and more luminescent. If you've never noticed, try observing this phenomenon. This necklace from CC Skye, which is available at II Brunettes in Charleston (though not for long I predict) is a perrrrrrfect example. It will add color and interest to an otherwise simple outfit. Wear it with anything and everything. As the girls at II Brunettes said, "I love it so much I want to sleep with it next to me on my pillow at night." I believe that is love. There's also an insane cuff from CC Skye as well, if the necklace is simply not enough. 
Call II Brunettes at (843) 881. 2636


Don't Matter If It's Black Or White

My Columbia favorite Van Jean has posted some insane options for the quickly upcoming Black & White Ball for the Columbia Museum of Art (yeah, Friday, October 28th, last minute shoppers!), and these are my three faves (although there's not a one I don't like). I mostly want to say that whoever goes with the Tibi option posted above will be my personal style hero. I've been lusting after this look for several weeks, and if you wear this, you will be fabulous. 

Check Van Jean's Facebook here for their complete lookbook, or call them at (803) 252. 4339.

And if you're in Columbia you should most certainly plan to go to the Black & White Ball, see ticket and event information here.


We should all be so lucky. Read the transcript here at Letters of Note, as well as many other examples of correspondence from the grand to the mundane. President Reagan's is one of my favorites.  


Fuzzy Wuzzy

Antik Batik, from Fleur in Raleigh
I love a good fur (faux or otherwise), and love the plethora that are available this season. Sooo many textures and price points. There's definitely one for every budget. What I really like for this season is all of the detail. I have a great, really simple vest by Rebecca Taylor from a few seasons ago that I have worn over and over again. For this season though, you're seeing embroidery or sequin detailing or really great textures and color options. And as you can see from these examples you can wear them in so many differents ways. It's a very functional piece to add to your wardrobe, you'll have a lot of versatility with it.    

Alice + Olivia Deacon fur via Bloomingdales

Alice + Olivia Raven fur vest via Bloomingdales

June fur vest from Gena Chandler in Raleigh
Trina  Turk Braden fur via Bloomingdales


Shoulda Put A Ring On It

 I just don't know what is wrong with diamonds. I really can't think of a thing to dislike about them. They're pretty and sparkly, and it seems that they're a better bet than the stock market at this point. These lovely pieces are from KC Designs, which has been sold in Neimans and Saks; it's now being carried by Charlotte's in Raleigh! They are made with full cut diamonds and 14k gold! (Also a good investment!) Their designs have been everywhere (even the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition, see below), from Rihanna to Heidi Klum to Amanda Peet. I am absolutely obsessed with the bow ring. It's so dainty and fabulous. The inside out hoops are also a fantastic staple; they're totally timeless, but you really up the wow factor with the diamonds on the reverse side. 

See the collection at Charlotte's in Raleigh:
Cameron Village: 2034 Cameron Street, Raleigh, NC 27605
North Hills: 4350 Lassiter Mill Road, Raleigh, NC 27609

Brooklyn Decker and the Diamonds By The Yard Necklace. Just to make you feel sad. 


Easy Transition

I had a nice little lunch-time stop in at Monkee's in Raleigh yesterday, and had a nice little visit with their always helpful manager Bree. While I was there, I happened to stumble upon a few fantastic key pieces that when put together turn out to be the perfect day-to-night wardrobe. This fantastic black dress (I hate the words "little black dress", LBD, or the like despite being exceptionally descriptive) by Shoshanna is perfection. It's a great layering piece for fall, with a subtly scooped back and pockets. For work, it's fantastic paired with these absolutely sick Tory Burch riding boots. The boots are the perfect color and have a full-length zip, which we all know is sooooo helpful when dealing with skinny jeans, etc. We also styled it belted-add one of the House of Harlow pendant necklaces and you're set. It's easily transitioned into cocktail with the Tibi satin bow Mary Janes that I've posted about at least twice! And take my word for it, they're even cuter in person. Throw on this adorable "Quail" fur jacket from Trina Turk and you're good to go. Not to mention that each one of these pieces can be worn with just about anything else in your closet. Love looks like this, it makes things so easy!

All of these items are at Monkees right now, call them or stop by!
Monkees: 919.785.1400
4158 Main at North Hills St. 
Raleigh, NC 27609

Images clockwise: Shoshanna, Saks, Tibi, and Piperlime.


Such Great Heights

Just take a moment to savor these gorgeous Lanvin wedges. They are the perfect Spring neutral. I love the combination of texture on the wedge and the richness and simplicity of the dark brown leather straps. And I LOVE the little heart dotting the "i" in the logo on the sole. So cheeky. These are available at Bergdorf for a mere $1590. If only I could....

Shop here. 



Via Milena via Pinterest

I found this on Pinterest, and no, I have no designs on getting married any time soon, but this look takes my breath away! The dress, the hair, the bare feet-I love it. So delicate and sweet.  Just a beautiful image. With a little research I found out that this is the work of Brazilian designer Emanuelle Junqueira. It's just lovely.

You can visit the website here


In Case You Were Getting Comfortable

Acapulco. My Fave.

In case you were getting comfortable, and starting to do the traditional "Holiday Weight Gain" (yeah, Halloween is a holiday I guess), Marysia Swim has started taking pre-orders for their Spring '12 swim collection. It is all the encouragement you need to continue your gym routine and avoid carbs. The colors and textures are amazing. I love the almost "Wonder Woman" look they did for their shoot-the thick silver cuffs, brunette, bolder colors and geometric shapes. They just do such a good job with detail; it sets the suits apart, there's nothing else really similar in swimwear right now. I digress. Check out the looks, they also have some really cute one-pieces-I have one from last season that I absolutely adore. According to the website, pre-orders will ship November 20th, jussssst in time to slap you into reality before the real pig out season starts. I don't know how I will ever pick just one!

Start shopping the pre-orders here

Pampered Puppies

The Largo Lounger
I do not necessarily consider my dogs to be sophisticated (well, one is-the other one is very pretty, but not so much an intellectual), but these dog beds are certainly for the discerning dog. These beds by NEST in Gainsville, Florida are not only decor-friendly, but are eco-friendly as well. The beds are hand crafted (in the US, which I love) from locally sourced sustainable hardwoods. That's a business model I can totally get behind. The cushions are filled with a hypo-allergenic fiberfill made from recycled soda bottles, and are coated with an EPA-approved fabric protector to keep germs out! They're pricey, from about $490-$750, and they also have cushion beds starting at $135. But you're getting a great looking, custom, socially responsible product for your best friend!!! The cushions come in a variety of great looking prints (see below), and you can even submit your own fabric to coordinate with your decor. (If I hadn't already been told I would be committed if I get another dog, I'd ask them to throw the little guy pictured above in with my order.) You can shop NEST's beds on Taigan. 

Visit Taigan:

or NEST's website:

The Florida Lounger

Hank & Waylon, my best buds!



I'm really having a strong gravitation to all things pom pom right now. It seems to sort of stem from a secret obsession with the texture and feel of vintage chenille (I'm sorry, I can't explain that, and Caroline shut up those bedspreads were cool). Anyhoo, I just love the whimsical nature of pom poms and tassels. They can range from playful to sophisticated, depending on use. They can be great for children's bedding, but (as pictured here) can be a great way to add texture to a room. 

Proud Mary 
Via HaiVy via Pinterest
Via Living With Punks
Pinned Image
Pom Pom Scarves via Nuny via Pinterest
Pinned Image
Pillows! Via Tanvi via Pinterest
Via Bohemianhellhole (errr)

mondopompompillow 078
Via Living With Punks 


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