In Case You Were Getting Comfortable

Acapulco. My Fave.

In case you were getting comfortable, and starting to do the traditional "Holiday Weight Gain" (yeah, Halloween is a holiday I guess), Marysia Swim has started taking pre-orders for their Spring '12 swim collection. It is all the encouragement you need to continue your gym routine and avoid carbs. The colors and textures are amazing. I love the almost "Wonder Woman" look they did for their shoot-the thick silver cuffs, brunette, bolder colors and geometric shapes. They just do such a good job with detail; it sets the suits apart, there's nothing else really similar in swimwear right now. I digress. Check out the looks, they also have some really cute one-pieces-I have one from last season that I absolutely adore. According to the website, pre-orders will ship November 20th, jussssst in time to slap you into reality before the real pig out season starts. I don't know how I will ever pick just one!

Start shopping the pre-orders here

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