Turquoise Baubles

CC Skye Gigi Necklace, $251 at II Brunettes

I am nothing if not a lover of turquoise. I have a firm belief that both turquoise and coral can be worn by anyone of any size, shape, or color and that it will, in fact, make them look better. It sounds slightly silly, and I have done no scientific studies to back up my theory, but I somehow feel that because these colors are like nature's cosmetics, they are here to make us look better. I've just never seen a pop of a coral necklace or a turquoise earring do anything but make someone's complexion appear brighter and more luminescent. If you've never noticed, try observing this phenomenon. This necklace from CC Skye, which is available at II Brunettes in Charleston (though not for long I predict) is a perrrrrrfect example. It will add color and interest to an otherwise simple outfit. Wear it with anything and everything. As the girls at II Brunettes said, "I love it so much I want to sleep with it next to me on my pillow at night." I believe that is love. There's also an insane cuff from CC Skye as well, if the necklace is simply not enough. 
Call II Brunettes at (843) 881. 2636

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