Wedding Bells In Charleston!

Sweet necklace, similar to what we got from Dee Ruel
It's back to the real world after having spent a fun weekend in Charleston celebrating the wedding of a dear friend. (Who, by the way, looked so stunning Modern Trousseau should use her in an ad campaign-no exaggeration.) The wedding was fantastic, and the bride took great care to make things so special. The bridesmaid's luncheon was at Charleston Cooks, a culinary store/teaching space owned by the company that owns High Cotton, etc. We had a private lesson with chef Emily Kimbrough, and had the most amazing meal. Although I did get tickled because Chef Emily kept saying things like, "I'm sure you're all familiar with this brand of food processor" or "I'm sure you've all tried this brand of curry powder"; I'm not sure she realized my expertise level is properly timing when to drop the Ramen noodles into the boiling water. 

The bride also gifted us with uniquely Charleston items that really reflect the fact that Charleston is becoming a city filled with artists and designers. We got a fabulous pouch/clutch from Proud Mary, one of my favorite textile designers (who happens to be the bride's sister) as well as a personalized necklace from local jewelry and paper artist Dee Ruel.  It was a really wonderful weekend, and it was so much fun to be in one of my favorite cities with some of my favorite people!

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