Friday Faves

Gorgeous Spring Hyla Dewitt Bev Necklace. Seeing a lot of geode-like trends for Spring jewelry. I love the colors in this one. 

I'm sorry I couldn't fit a larger version of this image on the page, because it's really stunning. This is from a Troubador shoot, and is currently the cover photo for Van Jean (cause they're awesome) (click on that so you can get the full effect). I have been racking my brain to figure out an occasion that requires this ensemble. If you have thoughts on that please share, I need an excuse. ASAP. 

Loving this look by Cacharel (shorts on Shopbop). Both pieces. Jacket with skinny white jeans, shorts with a tank and some sandals? 

UUUHHHGGG! M Missoni. Love. 

Bear with me on this DVF dress. I don't think it looks as fab in this picture, but I saw it last night at an event at Saks (more on that later), and it's intarsia knit and feels so good. Totally wearable for Spring/Summer. 

Love this look from the boys at Collard Greens. As they said, perfect for all of those fine Southern gentlemen headed to Camden for the Cup. A fine South Carolina tradition, look out for that 1:30 post time!!! 

Timo Weiland

Via Shopbop
I sort of stumbled across this designer, Timo Wieland on my Charleston trip-Hampden Clothing carries the line and has the dress pictured above. I was really taken with this number, it's such a great summer dress-good for a cookout or seeing a concert. In doing more of my obsessive research, I found that Timo Weiland is a person (from Nebraska) and a design duo consisting of Timo from Nebraska and Alan Eckstein of New York. The two share a "mutual interest in European history, travel, and a flair for dapper dressing", which influences their designs. They value the "art of dressing". I respect that. Anyhoo, I found that much of their work is different than the dress that initially spurned my research-there are clean lines and more structure to many of their pieces. I'm into it. The coat is to die for. Looking forward to seeing what their future seasons produce.

Images via Timo Weiland



I'm super into marigold. It's such a warm and indulgent color to me. I snagged this adorable bangle from the Cynthia Rowley store in Charleston at a considerably reduced price, and was pretty thrilled with myself. Marigold is such a great accent color, and I love it with a really rich navy or cobalt color. I'd also say that I think this could be a pretty easy DIY project if your are craft-inclined (which I am not), but if you manage it let me know!



Just call me Dorothy. They're not ruby slippers but they'll do right? I know I am giving you two totally different ends of the fabulous spectrum, but just bear with me. These are both new arrivals at Vermillion. Jerome Rousseau to be precise. Both are absolutely gorgeous and, between you and me, very comfortable. Between these two shoes I'm pretty sure I could get through any event on the summer calendar. 
P.S.-Don't buy my size. 



Caypso Dahlia Maxi dress.
Lusting after this beautiful Caypso maxi dress from Fleur. It's stunning, and would be great belted-think braided leather or skinny gold- and can be done with heels or flats to dress up or down.  Really, the print is absolutely gorgeous contrasted with the white and it's fully lined so you don't have to worry about putting on a show! (AND comfy!!!) 

Charleston Travels: Hampden Clothing

Absolutely insane Rag and Bone pleated pants
I wandered into Hampden on my Charleston fashion pilgrimage; I was already familiar with them but hadn't ever been in the store (it seems un-possible, I know). It's a clean, modern space, and the first thing I was drawn to when I walked in was the suede zip clutches by A.P.C.-the colors were so rich. There are racks and racks to browse through, and they were in the middle of setting up for their pre-fashion show Chris Benz party, so I had a bit of an impromptu preview of his pieces. They have such a good mix of brands you don't find everywhere-super appealing for those of us that do not want to see ourselves wearing the same thing as three other girls at one party. Rag and Bone has recently been a fave of mine, and they had some fabulous pieces. The yellows obviously struck me, the pleating and drape of the pants was stunning. Some of the other brands I loved seeing in person were Girl by  Band of Outsiders, Opening Ceremony, Rachel Comey, A.P.C., 10 Crosby, and more. It is so nice to see and edgier look developing in Charleston-just a bit more fashion forward than some of the somewhat typical Charlestonian style. (Not that I don't appreciate it!)

Rag and Bone-gorgeous

Suede APC zip clutch, LOVE!
Girl by Band of Outsiders
Chris Benz Jules Dress


A Novel Idea.

My free time in Charleston was mostly spent meandering down King Street, the heart of shopping in the historic city. Charleston feels like it is forever changing-which is such an interesting concept for a place that is so old and filled with tradition. Upper King is really evolving, every time I visit there is a new restaurant or bar; the Charleston branch of Raleigh's The Alley (bowling alley for those not familiar) will be opening on Upper King in the near future. Go further down the Peninsula, and you will find the almost institutional, at this point, Bob Ellis shoes-a place where the well-heeled in Charleston can get their Louboutin fix. The unfortunate closing of the Saks on King made way for (whomp whomp) Forever 21, but it's also giving growth to some of the really wonderful boutiques that dot the landscape on the bustling street. More on some of those to come. A new(er) edition is Novel. A collaborative effort of some super talented and creative ladies that have come together and opened this beautiful, bright space located right above the Cynthia Rowley boutique. It is home to Bon Vivant, a custom stationary line, Library, an archive of vintage fashion curated by Lauren Lail, Jane Pope/Balboa jewelry, and blue chickadee-hand painted art and accessories by Way Way Allen. Liza Cleveland, the creator of Bon Vivant met me there with her precious pup Sully and let me take a tour. Three all-white rooms are the canvas for the wares at Novel. You'll find a vintage Chanel bag nestled under a bright canvas, a hand-painted bib (with antlers!) next to a custom stationary set-complete with matching ink pen. I spent a lot of time on the vintage racks, and ended up with the gorgeous blue beaded number below. With vintage things just seem to jump out at you; you can look at the same rack three times and each time see something you hadn't seen the previous glance. There were adorable bloomers with pale blue or pink animals adorning the primetime space-really sweet and unique baby shower gift ideas. Not to mention the wall art-ranging from modern to sweet (for a nursery or child's room). Liza's line of notecards and stationary is wonderfully imaginative and bright. She can create anything it would appear. 

Wall of cards from Bon Vivant
Vintage baby clothes with a blue chickadee canvas tote!

Vintage belts and Bon Vivant notecards
Gorgeous vintage dress. MINE.
A painting by Way Way Allen, vintage (fabulous) sunglasses, and Bon Vivant notepads.
Gorgeous vintage pleated dress. Great for a summer wedding.

Vintage earrings courtesy of Jane Pope/Balboa jewelry!

blue chickadee bibs, bloomers, and canvas totes!!!
Vintage earrings from Balboa

Bon Vivant notecard and envelope set


CFW Thursday Night

So my first experience with Charleston Fashion Week was certainly interesting. The tents are set up in Marion Square, which is in the middle of everything in Charleston. I spent a lot of time trying to decide what to wear-I wasn't really certain how "fashiony" it was going to be. Thanks to some really helpful advice from Liza of Bon Vivant here in town, I managed to pull it together with a sequined Tibi t-shirt dress, my drapey cream Shoshanna blazer, and 6-inch Rachel Zoe heels. (Huge mistake. Bless her, they're really pretty but I thought I'd broken my ankle for a large part of the evening. Alright, back to the action, right off the bat I'll say that I could totally do without the local store shows. Not that I don't think it's awesome that they are supporting and engaged with Fashion Week, it's just that I don't want to pay to see a Nanette Leopore dress that I saw at Bloomingdales a month ago strutting down the runway. The most exciting part of the night was when I realized that Cynthia from Real Housewives of ATL was sitting across the runway from me. (Yes, I do.) The emerging designer competition was super interesting. There was a design duo from Raleigh featured as well as a few others; apparently the crowd favorite was the children's designer (Nancy Faw Crowell) who really did present a cute collection, but obviously not what I was really looking for. I was most impressed with Jordan Lee Brooks, he had some great, clean and classic shapes and a nice palette. Overall I think it's a really well-produced show, very nicely done, and while I think there is probably some room for improvement content-wise it's a great thing for the Charleston fashion community. I'd love to have the same in Raleigh!

Jordan Lee Brooks
Jordan Lee Brooks
Jordan Lee Brooks
Jordan Lee Brooks
Emerging designer Hazel Bae


Heading South!

I am heading down to one of my favorite places, Charleston, SC today! I will be checking out Charleston Fashion Week for the first time, which I have long been curious about. There are 3 designers from the Raleigh area in the top 20 this year, and I'm excited to see what these ladies have produced. I'll also be stopping by to chat with some of my most favorite fashionable Charlestonians, so expect some fun updates. It should be an altogether lovely weekend! 


Lela Rose At Vermillion

Bless sweet Karla of Vermillion for letting me post this (although it's super hard to really feel bad for someone that looks like this and fits in a sample size). This is one of the absolutely stunning pieces in at Vermillion today for the Fall '12 Lela Rose trunk show. I will tell you whole-heartedly that this picture does not come close to capturing how gorgeous this dress is in person. Get on over there and see the rest!


Caroline Reehl Ceramics

Allow me to introduce you to this beautiful hand-made pottery line, dancing out of Birmingham, Alabama. All of these pieces are made by Caroline Reehl, an Alabama native and full-time potter (and style lover). A Fine Arts major at Mississippi, she's strongly influenced by her Southern roots, and especially by the strong women that she sees around her. She uses the flowers (roses and lillies-my faves) as metaphors for both inner strength and external beauty and light. There is a lovely optimism and, indeed, femininity to her work. I love the piece above, it reminds me of a living rose bush creeping into unintended spaces over time. But I was also really taken by the "golden roses" directly below; the gold is such a shock-a very strong statement on the white canvas of the vase and other flowers. Really beautiful and unique. Visit Caroline's website for more background, but I would also highly reccomend both her blog for a fun perspective into Caroline's style as well as the Facebook page for more pictures of her most recent work. Charlotte's in Raleigh will be having a trunk show of her full collection in April (April 26 & 27) so stay tuned for more on that! 


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