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Happy Friday y'all! Here are some of the wonderful things I've encountered on the wide world of the interwebs this week! 

1. Read: Garden & Gun's roundup of what's shakin' across the South and make some plans + don't miss the write-up on Raleigh's creative community (with a little Ramey Rhodes in the mix)!

2. Go see: I'm wanting to go see A Most Violent Year starring Jessica Chastain + Oscar Issac. It's a crime drama based in 1981 NYC--the city's most violent year on record.

3. Shop: The beautiful new Avant Garden collection from Kendra Scott

4. Curious: To see IKEA's re-issue of 26 of it's most beloved pieces from its 70 years in business. Can't wait to see what they bring back!

5. Eat: Considering doing one of GOOP's cleanses. She drives me up the damn wall but you can't argue with how good she looks. 

6. Shop: The Megan Carn pop-up on Society Social. Not only am I obsessed with all of their furniture (produced in NC thank you very much), but I'm in love with this glamorous giraffe painting by the Charleston-based artist. Srsly, check out her eyelashes. Shop now before they're gone!

Have a lovely weekend! Stay warm!


Coveting: Stripes + Hearts

Shop more phone cases below!


Banging Around


Have I mentioned that I've been kicking around the idea of getting bangs? I definitely would be looking at a more tapered, long style and keeping most of my length. It's a low-key version of bangs. My hair guru Dawn at Glam Lounge told me she'd allow this look-- after telling me "no" for a long time --because she knows how bad I am with maintenance. I am largely inspired by actress/royal dater Cressida Bonas; I love her newish boho bangs. I also love her color. I'm working on deciding what my Spring color refresh will look like, but I love a good "natural" honey-blonde, don't you? 



Into The Avant Garden

This warm weather + Kendra Scott's new Avant Garden collection are making me crave Spring! These pretty pastel pieces just launched today on the Kendra Scott website; I love her inspiration boards soo much. For my RDU peeps...big news...Kendra Scott is opening a brand new boutique at the Streets at Southpoint next month! Stay tuned for more info on that. Click on the pieces above to shop some of my favorites and click here to shop the whole collection.  



Yes. All the yes. I've wanted this all my life but never knew. I'm obsessed with these round, plush and tasseled beach towels from The Beach People, available over at The Girl & The Water. You need to get one, or three maybe. Round is the new square.


Black + Tan

Another favorite in this vintage series from House of Landor. Another gorgeous maxi caftan style dress, lighter than the first one I previewed, with detail ribbon and embroidery trim that you just don't see nowadays. It totally works with my vintage tortoise clutch and these boho-inspired beaded bracelets.

Nails: Layne by Julep

Photos by Morton Photography


Coveting: Bucket Bags



Pink | Gold

Here's another one of my favorites from House of Landor. You cannot find fabric like this anymore (unless you're dropping major cashola); it's perfectly vintage with the Palm Beachy combo of pale pink and green with gold lamé woven throughout. This dress also has an open back, that honestly, if you're feeling froggy you could wear it backwards. I paired it with my over-the-knee Frye boots, a mix of vintage jewelry, my sick Miller Mae "Tacari" arrowhead necklace and a vintage cream cashmere overcoat (thanks ma). Go see Mary Beth at House of Landor if you are looking for a standout piece-you'll never see yourself at a party!


Style: Vintage Caftan

It's colder than a polar bear's toenails this week so I loved getting cozy in this gorgeous caftan from House Of Landor. It is like wearing a really pretty blanket. Vintage pieces like this always get my attention with the extraordinary detail and the interesting fabrics. This one even has pockets. Pockets!!! If you are in Raleigh, hop over to FINDS this weekend to see House of Landor's full collection. Owner Mary Beth has gorgeous vintage pieces in a range of styles and sizes, and she can even source and style pieces for special events. There's a spectacular red Chanel coat that someone needs to take home. I'll be sharing a few more of my favorites from House of Landor soon so stay tuned! 


Culture: The Wire

So one of my many New Year's resolutions was to give more space to art and culture here on the blog. In the past I've briefly mentioned movies/shows/books I'm into or excited about, and I plan on doing more of that this year. Try to contain yourselves, I know you're freaking out. One of my personal goals is to read a book a month, so hopefully I'll be sharing some good recs on good reads soon-in addition to other cultural tidbits and obsessions!

I'm starting out here with a little something that I'm admittedly like, 10 years late on: The Wire. Most of my television consumption flows through HBO and this show has been in my queue for years. I lost count of how many people told me I HAD to watch it.

This show, set in the post-9/11 streets of Baltimore is two parts Dickensian, one part Shakespeare and a sprinkle (a lot of sprinkles) of COPS. The Wire is a maze of parallel plots and worlds within worlds of crime, politics and life; near misses and miscommunications lead to many frustrating "almosts". I'm currently mid-way through season 4 and so far we've covered 2 inner-city drug dynasties, a Port union/human trafficking scandal, a totally dysfunctional police force and a completely corrupt local government and election cycle. I know that some of these topics (much less the language and violence) may not appeal to everyone, but I'm telling you, the story they are weaving through this crazy cast of characters is spectacular. 

Good intentions are often thwarted by the realities of circumstance. The heartache and small joys of life extend to each and every one of us, but some realms are dealt a poor hand from the beginning. You find yourself connecting with the emotions of a drug kingpin, and alternately feeling affection then repulsion towards the brilliant but innately flawed lead detective. What I mean to say is, no matter how far away from the world of The Wire you think you are, you find the connections of humanity. You FEEL how badly some of these kids (even adults) want out of the world they were simply born into. This show, now more than a decade old brings into focus some of the issues making headlines today. The Wire gives insight into the complexities faced by law enforcement in dealing with impoverished , drug-riddled inner city communities and the effect it has on race relations. They refer often to war--think about that. Police, innocent citizens just trying to get by, drug dealers...they are all involved in a "war". This is the mentality of the people living in these communities, and think about all we have learned about what living in a war zone does to people. This show is so important, so enlightening, especially now. The struggle is most definitely real in The Wire.  

You can stream the entire series on HBO GO or hop over to iTunes and make the investment. It's 1000% worth it. 


Don't Miss | J Crew Sale

If you've somehow gotten to January with a few bucks in your pocket, hop over to J Crew for their big sale-an extra 40% off already marked down items and scoop up a few of these lovelies. Besides the usual sweater finds and basics, some of the gorgeous designer collab pieces like these from Lulu Frost or these from Sophie Webster for J Crew are amongst the offerings. Shop sale here and use code STYLE2015 to get the extra 40% off!


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