Square Space

I neeeeeed these chairs! If you follow me on the Pinterest you may know I have an affinity for velvet-covered furniture, and these armchairs are giving me the sweats. I believe we would call them "Milo Baughman-inspired"? Design friends feel free to correct me. I've been scouring ebay to look for some fixer-uppers...I'll keep you updated on my search!

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Valentino Resort '15

This insane Valentino Resort '15 collection draws inspiration from Frida Kahlo and the psychedelic '70s. It runs from beautifully and intricately detailed gowns to mod-ish mini-dresses. And I love it all. The collection is a massive 83 looks, and all amazing, so this is about as edited as I could make my favorites! Enjoy. Check out the full collection here.

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Summer Sunnies

It's the time of year to make a sunglasses update. If you're like me you have a rotation of gas station cheapies and one nice pair that I'll wear when I know I can be responsible. So like, once a summer. As it stands now, I'm down to half a pair of cheapies so I need to scoop some new ones. I love these styles, all updates of classic shapes. I tend to gravitate towards aviators but I'm really sort of feeling those rose-colored cat-eyes. Who doesn't want to see a rose-colored world, right? 

Also, look to your right >>>>

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Weekend Essentials

Some of my favorite weekend essentials!

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Erin Gregory

These gorgeous, abstract florals from Erin Fitzhugh Gregory will brighten any room. I swear, I used to think I was moderately capable at "art" until a recent Pinterest-fueled foray into abstract painting. Guess what guys! It's hard. I digress. Erin's work extends into landscape and figurative paintings. I am in love with the little tutu girl (see below). She currently works from Columbus, GA and in addition to her work being featured in galleries, One Kings Lane (hello), etc. she also takes commissions. Holler! See more of her stunning work here


Beach Style

The Sally dress has been our most popular look this season; it's so versatile and easy and perfect for these warm days and nights. For day, I love it with some neutral toned sandals. I really love the lace-up Joie Toledo flats, they're so different, or the super simple Positano sandals. Really anything from Joie. I also love it with almost every piece from Loren Hope's S|S line. The colors are delicious. And a big, colorful straw beach tote is perfect for hauling your stuff to the pool or on errands. Styling for night is as easy as changing your shoes and switching to a clutch!


Stuff N' Such

Some of the things I've been obsessing over...get them...


Best Bags!

One of my favorite handbag lines is now available at Charlotte's!!!! Kelly Wynne had me at hello. The colors and unique textures are incredible. She's got a bag for every occasion and every type of bag lady-from wristlets to oversized totes, and they're all beautifully made (in the USA!!) with thoughtful details like pretty linings. My Cloud9 clutch has been serving me well since Christmas and goes with EVERYTHING. All of the things. I'm eyeballing one of the Mingle Mingle minis or an I Duffle Dare You (hee). Pop over to Charlotte's to scoop one up ASAP, they won't last long! This needs to be your next handbag.


Beach Life

Sally Dress
Guys here's a sneak peek from the Ramey Rhodes shoot we did this weekend on the NC coast. I just couldn't wait to share. Just a few of the many beautiful shots by Jack of Morton Photography, which are totally enhanced by our lovely model Lauren and the ladies of Glam Lounge in Raleigh who handled hair and makeup. Can't wait to show you more! 

Caroline Dress
Ramey Tunic
NC Giraffe Tee



Ramey Rhodes Baby Lobster

Put this on your babyyyy! I want to eat this color. It's called apricot. And: #lobster. These adorable tees come in 6-12 mos, 12-18 mos, and 18-24 mos. Have the most stylish little bit on the beach. The color works for girls and confident boys. It also comes in a tank version for grown-up people. Made in the USA!



Coogee Beach, Gray Malin
If you're not yet familiar with the work of Gray Malin, hop over to his website and soak it all in. His work reminds me very much of Slim Aarons in that it creates this mood-it's a lifestyle-that takes you away. His series "La Dolce Vita" focuses on Italian beaches and the "Riviera" lifestyle of the '50s and '60s that was SO very glamorous. Malin globetrots across continents often taking pictures from doorless helicopters (NOPE.), and even manages to make Antarctica look like a hot spot. He's shot Prada's Marfa outpost, some llamas wearing balloons, the best beaches and ski slopes in the world, and shiny mylar flamingos in Bermuda. I am, by nature, a water baby so I connect really strongly with Malin's work. How badly do you want to dip your toes in the water? His prints are perfect to add some cheer to any room, so treat yourself! Be sure to follow his blog if you need a regular fix-and sign up for the emails, they do sales from time to time!  

Manly Swimmers, Gray Malin
Miami Pink Umbrellas, Gray Malin
Bermuda Flamingos, Gray Malin
Balls 3, Gray Malin
Bondi Beach, Gray Malin
Cinque Terre, Gray Malin
Emerald Umbrellas, Gray Malin
Getaway, Gray Malin 
La Fontelina Beach Club, Capri, Gray Malin
Llamas Black & White Balloons, Gray Malin
OMFG Rio De Janeiro, Gray Malin
Oak Street Beach Triptych, Gray Malin
St. Tropez Blue Umbrellas, Gray Malin
St. Tropez Secret Beach, Gray Malin
XO Floating Away, Gray Malin
Bondi Surf Lifeguards, Gray Malin
Green Umbrella, Gray Malin


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