Coogee Beach, Gray Malin
If you're not yet familiar with the work of Gray Malin, hop over to his website and soak it all in. His work reminds me very much of Slim Aarons in that it creates this mood-it's a lifestyle-that takes you away. His series "La Dolce Vita" focuses on Italian beaches and the "Riviera" lifestyle of the '50s and '60s that was SO very glamorous. Malin globetrots across continents often taking pictures from doorless helicopters (NOPE.), and even manages to make Antarctica look like a hot spot. He's shot Prada's Marfa outpost, some llamas wearing balloons, the best beaches and ski slopes in the world, and shiny mylar flamingos in Bermuda. I am, by nature, a water baby so I connect really strongly with Malin's work. How badly do you want to dip your toes in the water? His prints are perfect to add some cheer to any room, so treat yourself! Be sure to follow his blog if you need a regular fix-and sign up for the emails, they do sales from time to time!  

Manly Swimmers, Gray Malin
Miami Pink Umbrellas, Gray Malin
Bermuda Flamingos, Gray Malin
Balls 3, Gray Malin
Bondi Beach, Gray Malin
Cinque Terre, Gray Malin
Emerald Umbrellas, Gray Malin
Getaway, Gray Malin 
La Fontelina Beach Club, Capri, Gray Malin
Llamas Black & White Balloons, Gray Malin
OMFG Rio De Janeiro, Gray Malin
Oak Street Beach Triptych, Gray Malin
St. Tropez Blue Umbrellas, Gray Malin
St. Tropez Secret Beach, Gray Malin
XO Floating Away, Gray Malin
Bondi Surf Lifeguards, Gray Malin
Green Umbrella, Gray Malin

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