Definitely scooping up these adorable Catalina shorts from Lou & Grey for #summerlife. Remember Lou & Grey? They do comfort + style at a great price point. I just love this embroidered broadcloth fabric and the little hint of coral/orange. It also comes in a swingy dress, a ROMPER, and even a tee. I'm adding the striped knit sweater too, I love a summer weight sweater. 


Memorial Day Packing List

We are heading down to the famous 30A beaches of Florida for the Memorial holiday to check out the Watercolor Inn & Spa to see what's shaking and I'm pumped. Obviously packing is a process, and I think streamlining is important. Now I've totally over-streamlined before and ended up with like, a ratty tee shirt and a pair of dress pants as my only wardrobe options, so thoughtful streamlining is critical. Pack at least one outfit that is acceptable for public consumption and then figure out your loungewear situation. 

A cute coverup, like this one from Shoshanna, will serve you well-it's enough of an outfit for most beachy dining options by day and will give you confidence on the beach. Especially if you're not ready for swimsuit weather. Skinny minnies should 100% invest in a Marysia swimsuit. I heart them all. I love love love these cute and well-priced sandals from Splendid, and I really like the silver version as well. They're a tad dressier. 

I use my Lands End totes as suitcases all the time, and I love this berry color. They come in zip and non-zip options, non-zip makes for the BEST beach bag. They are such a great price point and are virtually indestructible. 

For extras, I think a floppy straw hat is not only stylish, it's practical. This one from Old Navy is a steal. While you're at it, don't forget the sunscreen; Beautycounter does an excellent, healthy SPF 30 allover version. I also think packing a statement necklace is a great move, if you throw it on with a tank top or a simple sundress you've got a look. Especially if you fumble on the clothing packing. One of the Sylvia Necklaces from Loren Hope is perfect, just pick your favorite color! 


Nora & Nicky's

Hey ladies! If you're looking for a last minute plan for your Friday night, head down to Nora & Nicky's in downtown Raleigh for a fashion show benefitting an EXCELLENT cause, The Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation. Click here to RSVP. If you're not familiar with Nora & Nicky's you shouuuld be! This beautiful downtown store consigns gorgeous, quality high-end brands, everything from DVF to Louis Vuitton. I recently spent a little time with N & N's sweet owner Cathy, who explained that the boutique is more than just beautiful clothes and accessories. She is truly on a mission to get people to to think about sustainable living, to pay her employees a living wage and to be a part of building a vibrant downtown Raleigh. She is absolutely inspiring. I played around with this gorgeous Catherine Malandrino dress and insane silver J Crew heels (that went home with me despite being 2 sizes too big) and hung out in front of some cool walls in DTR. Totally normal. See below for some of my favorites, and check out all of their latest on Instagram to call dibs! And seriously, head down to their show tonight, I can't think of a better reason!  


Lamb (Or Chicken) And Mint Orrechiette

Blue Apron Lamb Orrechiette Pasta Dish

I mentioned last week that I've been werkin' on my cooking, and that Blue Apron was one of my "training" resources. I thought I'd share one of the recipes that I've been able to master and even modify, and now we eat it all the time. First of all, if you're not familiar with Blue Apron, it's one of several meal delivery options that's popped up on the interwebs in the past couple of years. Once a week we get a box with all of the ingredients, sorted into portions and labeled, to make 3 meals. We get the 2 person version, but they now have a family sized option. You get to input some of your dietary preferences and based on that they create your menus. For me, it is convenient, helps eliminate waste and saves me the headache of thinking of something new to cook. It's also pushed me to cook and eat things I would never have thought of otherwise. 

Now, on to the recipe: Lamb, Mint & Pea Orecchiette! The Blue Apron version of this calls for lamb, which is often paired with mint, but I'm not into lamb guys. So I substitute ground chicken or turkey, and I've found that both still taste delicious. I will say this, when using turkey they have a 99% fat free version and then one that's like, 93% fat free---use the 93% version. I promise that little bit of fat won't break you and you will get a far superior flavor. With Blue Apron you get the recipe card with your delivery, but the great thing is that you can find all of the recipes on their website's cookbook. That way you can try out any of the recipes on your own. The Orecchiette is great because it is simple, a few ingredients you can pick up at most grocery stores, and can be thrown together fairly quickly. I think it would be great as a vegetarian option as well! Click here for the recipe if you haven't already!

I have a few free meals to give away from Blue Apron-if you are interested in trying it or have any burning questions, shoot me an email at southernarrondissement@gmail.com!

Images via Blue Apron

Blue Apron Lamb Orrechiette Pasta Dish
What You Get

Blue Apron Lamb Orrechiette Pasta Dish
Then You Prep


Pom Wonderful

eliza gran pom pom basket beach bags furbish studio

You know I love a pom pom. How stinkin' cute are these pom pom-adorned Eliza Gran baskets from Furbish Studio? Perfect for the upcoming Memorial Holiday at the beach!

eliza gran pom pom basket beach bags furbish studio

eliza gran pom pom basket beach bags furbish studio

eliza gran pom pom basket beach bags furbish studio
eliza gran pom pom basket beach bags furbish studio

eliza gran pom pom basket beach bags furbish studioeliza gran pom pom basket beach bags furbish studio

eliza gran pom pom basket beach bags furbish studio


Glorious Gazpachos

It's getting to be gazpacho season around here I think! I've been working on my cooking skillz for the past year or so. A big part of that has been slogging through Blue Apron deliveries, with mostly good results; it has definitely helped me learn a lot about technique and timing. I can even do some of our favorites from memory at this point now! *Pats self on back.* 

One thing I've always been able to manage relatively well is soup, and a lot of the chilled soups or gazpachos are really easy to put together. One of my FAVORITE food websites is Spoon Fork Bacon, their recipes are easy to follow and the photography is gorgeous. They have a recipe for every occasion. Pictured here are two of their gazpachos: the sweet corn gazpacho and the white gazpacho, both of which are refreshing while still hearty. Give them a try this weekend! 

images via Spoon Fork Bacon


Last Minute Mother's Day

Don't fret last-minute-shoppers! Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas for Mother's Day for your hip moms. I think getting away from the standard flowers and a card is a nice thing-not that there's anything wrong with that-but it's fun to get a little creative for good (old) mom. JK mom. 

I would imagine that the "Overserved" cocktail napkins from Waiting On Martha -which is a great place to hunt for gifts- would suit a lot of good-humored moms just fine! It's a cheeky twist on the standard linen cocktail napkin. I also love the "High Ball" and "Thirsty" napkins, they're all so clever and fun.

For a young mama I love the new Jonathan Cohen print in orchid from Marysia Swim. I've also been obsessed with the high-neck halter for those who want a little more coverage; it's killer in black, and great to have for the coming Memorial Day holiday!

I mentioned my love of Marigot recently, and I still don't think you can go wrong with their Starfish PJs or a light robe; they'll be perfect to have for lounging and sleeping over the warmer months. 

Tory Burch's signature scent is not only nice and light, with hints of peonies, but the packaging and bottle is beautiful, and would look lovely on any dressing table or countertop. 

I also love this gorgeous, colorful set of letterpress notecards from Rifle Paper Co.; if your mom is like mine, she keeps a stockpile of pretty cards on hand because she still writes her friends notes. Unlike most of us who think email or worse text should be acceptable now. I say that and am definitely the most guilty. Maybe we should all get ourselves a set too while we're at it?

And finally, who ever complains about jewelry? Zero hands raised. I love these pieces from Loren Hope, where you can find something for any mama. I am intrigued by the Arista anklet, and have this tingle of excitement at the thought of wearing one again for the first time since 1987. (Guys right? Right???) You cannot go wrong with the Abba drop earrings, and another edgy fave is the turquoise "Kai" double ring.


Link Love

Happy Friday y'all! Here are some of the wonderful things I've encountered on the wide world of the interwebs this week! 

1. Eat & Drink: Vinepair has this helpful and downright cute infographic guide to BBQ wine pairings! BBQ goes with more than beer! Just in time for grilling weather!

2. Go: I'm obsessed with the Hotel St. Cecilia in Austin. So glam, but right at home in the music loving city. 

3. Admire: I love these quirky watercolors by artist Happy Menocal! She does sweet little prints and originals, and does custom stationery work, turning your monogram into a work of art. Check her out here.

4. Celebrate: I'm kind of inspired to celebrate Cinco de Mayo strictly because these invites from Paperless Post are too cute to pass up! Not because of the tequila and tacos...

5. Shop: Come see my sweet and talented friend artist Caroline Swetenburg this Saturday, May 2nd, at the Ramey Rhodes studio! Her abstracts are gorgeous and I want all of them. Come check them out and see the latest from Ramey Rhodes from 1-5 PM. It's a great Derby pre-game eh?

6. Watch: I can't really explain what Miffy is, and apparently it's 60 years old?!? But it's rill cute, so I mean, just watch it and enjoy the cute. 

Also check out these finds:

Stripes and total comfort. On. Board. Wearing it with my favorite blazer in white!

My friend Caroline is wearing this to her show tonight. AND J Crew is doing an extra 30% off SALE with code YAYMAY. Get it.

You know how much I love a jumpsuit.

This BRIGHT BRIGHT but simple number is inspiring me to get in shape (and maybe a spray tan).

Have a lovely weekend! 

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