Floaty Florals!

Since we've had our snow for the year, let's start looking to Spring yes? You can literally do florals head-to-toe with these kewt earrings all the way down to these really, really adorable pumps. I mean, I wouldn't recommend it, but you could do it. Shop the above and linking to a multitude of other options below!

Part One

Part Deux


Nudie Neutrals + Sale

Somewhat of a palate cleanser from the mega pink and red overload! I'm starting to look around at Spring trends and get a handle on what I like and don't like. But for now, enjoy these non-offensive neutral items. SOME OF WHICH are on SALE, I guess President's Day sales extend beyond mattresses now. Some really good furniture/home sales, also my favorite jammies that I linked to last week (almost the entire site is on sale)! I'll link to some other sale goodies below as well.


Snuggle Style

Valentine's is the loungiest "holiday" to me. It's a great excuse to sleep in/eat in bed/burrito yourself in blankets/wear pjs all day. I want to preach the gospel of the Adult Blanky to you; THIS blanket has changed my life. If you're in Raleigh you can shop it locally at Charlotte's.  I very much enjoy a good pajama set. I have a strong affinity for Lake, everything is super soft and cute. Feels good on your skin. I like a good lounge set as well. Lots of cute options out there in the post-Juicy tracksuit landscape. Will link you some below! 





Snuggle Accessories


Most Loved!

Whether this is a "holiday" you care about or not, it's a great opportunity to post many pink and/or red items, or gift ideas. So I've done that here for you! Even if you don't have a Valentine, a Galentine or a puppy to hang out with, might as well treat yourself right? Shop the post above and I'm linking to some additional goodies below!



Hi fronds. I've jumped on the Amazon bandwagon and created my own "shop". It's an easier way for me to streamline finds from there vs also using another affiliate site to deal with Amazon too - Amazon is forever figuring out ways for us to be more dependent on them, I suppose this is just another example. BUT, I actually do kinda love this. I created several sections, all of which are fairly obvious and I'm sure I'll edit those or add to/subtract based on interest. I'm also trying out having a monthly section to help identify what's fresh, then I'll move items into the other sections at the beginning of the next month. I may do an email type of thing too if people seem interested. Anyway, check out the Amazon Finds here, and as always, drop me a line if there's something you are looking for, I love a mission! 


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