Review: Tria Laser Hair Removal 4X

Tria Laser Hair Removal 4x Review Southern Arrond

Alright, let's get right to it. First off, this is not a #spon post, it's more of a PSA. One of the things I've realized about being a busy girl in the busy real world is how much of a time-sucking pain-in-the-ass shaving is. Not to mention, it's one of those seemingly super simple self-care activities that if you DO skip it you end up feeling really shitty about it. Like, constantly apologizing for your hairy legs whilst getting a pedicure at your own nail salon or forgetting to hit your pits before wearing something sleeveless. It makes me cringe to even type that. Not to mention the whole bikini area neglect situation. Oh also, the random ways age seems to reflect itself in new growth in uncharted areas (I'm looking at you, chin). Like I said, and I know I'm preaching to the choir, it's such a seemingly easy thing to maintain but it's the first thing to go when your life is running you.

So, after considering my options (A) Investing in a package or a membership at one of my local med spas or laser clinics or (B) making an upfront investment in an at-home solution I decided to give the at-home solution a shot.

Let me tell you why I felt this would work for me:
1. Convenience. Scheduling anything outside of work + family commitments is hard for me right now. (Besides my standing appointment with Chris @ Massage Envy, if anyone needs a testimonial about how life changing this has been HMU)
2. I have a high pain tolerance + it didn't scare me to have to do it myself
3. Cost efficient, I figured if it worked I'd save a butt-ton of money versus what I'd spend at the spa in the long run.

Once I'd worked this out in my head I started researching options. I'm sure y'all have heard of the name brands I had heard as well. A lot of online reviews are pretty similar across the spectrum of products - and I do think that consistency and user proficiency probably play a big role in the success of any of the at-home solutions. I ended up settling on the TRIA Laser Hair Removal 4x, most significant to me was that this product is the only FDA-cleared at-home hair removal laser currently on the market. It uses the technology you get in a spa basically. So over the years I have had a handful of laser sessions on my bikini, underarms and upper lip at one of my preferred med spas and I for SURE saw results from those services, so I knew that laser would, in fact, work on me and the FDA approval made me feel confident that I would be using a quality product.

Now here's the real deal. This thing 100% works. I wanted to wait until I'd done at least 3 sessions before I presented my experience and I've just done my 4th. They recommend spacing them every two weeks so that means it's been, what, 8 weeks? The results are obvious and marked. I am shaving my armpits like, twice a week maybe? And it's not like a desperate must do type-situation.

I'm going to give you a brief rundown of how this thing works, where I've treated and tips for use, I am SUPER happy to answer questions so please feel free to email me with specific Qs!

It's super easy to use, you do a one-time activation, then unlock it with a sensor that confirms your skin+hair types are suitable for use. (PS, I'm slightly fair with medium-dark body hair) The Tria 4x has 5 treatment levels (aka pain levels LOL), and you can test out what works or just be a dumbass like me and go straight Level 5. I did a couple of passes at 5 and then dropped it down to 4. I am comfortable at 4 across all areas, but I am certain that not everyone would be, and I totally love that you can adjust it for more sensitive areas if need be. The pain levels are totally what I expected based on my prior experiences. It feels like being thumped repeatedly with a rubber band. Which I'll do all day if it = #hairfree. One of the hardest things, besides the gyrations you have to do to get to some of your treatment areas, is maintaining the treatment path they recommend. It's basically like trying to stick to a grid without any outlines. But once you get the hang of it you can move pretty quickly.

So far, I've treated my feet, bikini and underarms. I am going to tackle my legs after, I just don't have the time availability to tackle ALL of the things at once RN. Underarms are easy, breezy beautiful. You can know that out quickly. Tops of feet are thin-skinned and sensitive, but again, quick work. Your bikini area is the biggest feat logistically, time-wise and pain wise. I do it last after I've sort of built up my pain threshold.

Here are my best tips for smart use:
-Schedule your "appointments" on your phone or calendar (whatever you use) so you are consistent with your treatments. Even if it's just noting the day.
-Use your first sesh to plan your time window. You'll get faster but make sure you block out enough time so you don't have to bail half-way through.
-BE SURE to charge your Tria day of. It's got a 30 minute capacity basically, but it takes a while to charge up. I have screwed this up and it sucks.
-Watch your skin after and take care of it if it's sensitive. You can use any post-wax type cleanser or balm. My skin has mainly been fine with very light irritation. There is an optional calming gel that you apply before treatment and I recommend it. I did my last round without it and I think my skin is more irritated. 


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