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ALC Bradley Top Black Pants Derek Lam Beau Shoes
ALC Bradley Silk Top

With the evolution of harem pants and track pants comes a pant reminiscent of the great M. C. Hammer. Or just Hammer as he came to be known in his later incarnation. Say what you will, but I get it now: they're really damn comfortable. These are sold out, but get the look here (more subtle), here, and here (if you're really committed). I have also thrown them on with a plain tee and been happy as a clam. Here we dressed them up with the A.L.C Bradley top, which buttons down the back then cuts away. I love the print, and the fact that it's a sleek shape, but is still easy to wear. Going to pair it with some skinny jeans too! The badass shoes are the Derek Lam "Beau" sandals. You can intimidate someone in them, AND they're on sale. All available at Vermillion!

All images via Morton Photography

ALC Bradley Top Black Pants Derek Lam Beau Shoes


A Choo For You

Jimmy Choo's Fall collection leaves one with a serious case of anxiety. Emerald and navy, ombre-d suedes, and bejeweling on a high level= all things that are happening here. The classic Anouk pump is revisited in stunning emerald suede and thoughtful navy. The ombre effect on the Agnes, moving from suede to metallic, is rich and luxe. I love the Katarina, inspired by the ruffles and glamour of flamenco dancers. And who can resist, or at least not be amused by, the glittering Tia pumps. #Sparkle. Love it all.  

Jimmy Choo Katarina in Black and Emerald Green

Jimmy Choo Tia Jewel Pump

Jimmy Choo ombre Agnes fades from black to silver


Isabel Marant At Vermillion!

Isabel Marant Booties Sneakers Fall Vermillion

Blinks at screen. Looook at thoooose. Vermillion just got allll of those in. It's hard to process. They are all Isabel Marant, if you're still having trouble thinking straight. Which one(s) do you choose? I might go bottom, left.


Love + Michele

Just going through some old images and found this bad boy. The sickest oversized Michele Watch. I thought the dainty Jennifer Zeuner bracelet was pretty apropos. Both from Charlotte's

Shop online:

Giveaway Time!

Love love a good giveaway!!! We are giving away this beautiful "Rebecca" necklace from Chester NYC this week! We love this Charlotte jewelry-designer-turned-NYC-transplant's work. Head over to the Facebook page to find out the many ways you can get in on the action! We are picking a winner on Frideeee!


Adventures In Shipping

Excited to share the second in a collaboration series I did with the amazing and talented Jack of Morton Photography. Jack found some of the coolest (if not slightly sketchy) spots around town. I love the shipping and receiving sign. The idea of movement and life in a place that is so abandoned now. (I take that back-we are not 100% certain that someone isn't living in there.) How perfectly does this Shoshanna top work with the Camilla & Marc skirt. One of my old favorites paired with one of my absolute favorite newer-to-me lines. Skirt and top are both from Fleur here in Raleigh. I couldn't be more stoked that they have picked up Aussie-based Camilla & Marc. Be sure to check it out here if you haven't! I also sported a dainty arm party via Stella & Dot.

If you're not in Raleighwood:

Camilla and Marc dress version

Shoes (similar): High (if you want them pre-order because they will be impossible to find)...to Low


Cooling Off

Shop similar Mara Hoffman Bikini
Since it's gone from rainy and dreary to oh, 117 degrees in a matter of days, I thought we should visit the beach and Mara Hoffman. It's funny, if it's raining, I crave the beach; if it's a million degrees, I crave the beach. I'd take a pool too at this point.

Mara Hoffman Aloha Buttondown Poncho
And lastly, I want to hang out with this dude.

Frenchie In A Pool
Frenchie via Piccsy


Coke Or Pepsi?

We in the South have a very strong relationship with our "soda". In my home any carbonated beverage is generally referenced as a Coke. Instead of saying, "would you like a soda/pop/cola", you'd get, "would you like a Coke". But Pepsi is as proudly a Southern institution as Atlanta's Coca Cola, having made its world debut in New Bern, NC. This gorgeous handpainted sign is covering the side of what used to be a community gro, and will soon be a gourmet-type stop-in and cafe in Raleigh's historic Oakwood neighborhood. In keeping with the theme of Southern institutions, I am sporting my very well-loved J Brand jorts. The idea of combining them with some other classic and timeless wardrobe staples keeps them relevant.  I love this military-inspired Rag & Bone jacket, that gives shades of Barbour with more of a Summer weight. The classic, lightweight ALC striped tank is perfect for this heat, and these INSANE Chloe booties are the PERFECT bootie to transition back into Fall. But most importantly: are you a Coke or Pepsi gal?

All images via Morton Photography
Jacket, tank, and booties all available at Vermillion

 More shopping if you're not in Raleigh:

J Brand Shorts (Similar) Here or Here

The Weekend

This was how I spent my weekend. (No that's not me sillies.) My precious baby brother got married to the prettiest little bride ever at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. Just thought I'd share a few pics. We're all so happy and proud of them. It was THE weekend. 

*Ed. note: not my baby, but totally would have kidnapped him.



I like spikes. (Still.) I know the punk thing isn't new, but I still like the look. Especially the idea of the bracelets with something really prim or simple. My favorite use of spikes was Sienna Miller's headband at the Met Ball (see below). Hearts. This pair of bracelets from Hive & Honey is only $34. Great way to add the trend to your wardrobe.


Are We Lazy, Or Just Casual?

I think that it is fair to say that Americans (if not the world) (not you, France) have taken to "dressing down", or conversely to not "dressing". There was a time when women wouldn't dream of going to the grocery store without makeup, much less without being decked in what is practically cocktail attire by today's standards. I am certainly not throwing stones here. I often look like a homeless person when I go to the grocery store. I got a Shopbop email this morning previewing some upcoming Fall trends. The third slide featured (this is real) "upscale sweatshirts". The featured look being this $1,200 Balmain sweatshirt-WHICH IS ALMOST SOLD OUT. (Go for it BeyoncĂ©.) Now, I'm not saying I don't get it. I do. And I'm actually probably their target, because I like to be comfortable, and if they can help me look chic in a sweatshirt then BLESS them. But I guess I've been thinking a lot lately about how far we've fallen come since when my mom or her mom was my current age. Do we really want to be a sweatsuit nation? In some ways it feels like the Wal-marting of the fashion world? Again, I will probably be wearing some of these trends, so this is more just a reflecting post on the vast changes in how we dress, or don't dress, for our day. I don't remember the last black-tie event that I attended at which there was any evidence it was black-tie other than the men being in tuxedos. Women seem perfectly content to keep their formal (long) dresses in the closet, unless it's a pool-worthy maxi dress. I'm all for chic casual dressing but I feel a bit wistful about the loss of the more formal elements of our wardrobe. Where's the glamour ya know? I'd like to thank you for sticking with me through this meandering from sweatshirts to mourning the loss of the gown. I don't know what it all means, but maybe we could all just try a little harder?*** 

Canary beauty
Paris Fashion Week. (Of course.)
Princess Grace + Avedon

***Or don't. Whatever.


Do The Carlton

Citizens Of Humanity Carlton Retro High Rise Jean In Raven

Yes. Citizens "Carlton" Retro High Rise Jean.
Perfect. Get them here or here in black.


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