Are We Lazy, Or Just Casual?

I think that it is fair to say that Americans (if not the world) (not you, France) have taken to "dressing down", or conversely to not "dressing". There was a time when women wouldn't dream of going to the grocery store without makeup, much less without being decked in what is practically cocktail attire by today's standards. I am certainly not throwing stones here. I often look like a homeless person when I go to the grocery store. I got a Shopbop email this morning previewing some upcoming Fall trends. The third slide featured (this is real) "upscale sweatshirts". The featured look being this $1,200 Balmain sweatshirt-WHICH IS ALMOST SOLD OUT. (Go for it BeyoncĂ©.) Now, I'm not saying I don't get it. I do. And I'm actually probably their target, because I like to be comfortable, and if they can help me look chic in a sweatshirt then BLESS them. But I guess I've been thinking a lot lately about how far we've fallen come since when my mom or her mom was my current age. Do we really want to be a sweatsuit nation? In some ways it feels like the Wal-marting of the fashion world? Again, I will probably be wearing some of these trends, so this is more just a reflecting post on the vast changes in how we dress, or don't dress, for our day. I don't remember the last black-tie event that I attended at which there was any evidence it was black-tie other than the men being in tuxedos. Women seem perfectly content to keep their formal (long) dresses in the closet, unless it's a pool-worthy maxi dress. I'm all for chic casual dressing but I feel a bit wistful about the loss of the more formal elements of our wardrobe. Where's the glamour ya know? I'd like to thank you for sticking with me through this meandering from sweatshirts to mourning the loss of the gown. I don't know what it all means, but maybe we could all just try a little harder?*** 

Canary beauty
Paris Fashion Week. (Of course.)
Princess Grace + Avedon

***Or don't. Whatever.

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