Malene For Days

As you may already know, I LOVE Malene Birger. The By Malene Birger line is consistently amazing. The details, the colors...always divine. It's never trendy but always fresh with new and sophisticated shapes. It's so feminine. Here are a few of my favorites from the latest shipment at Fleur or shop the links!

Photos courtesy of Morton Photography

By Malene Birger Ragini Striped Dress

Ragini Dress, shop here or here

By Malene Birger Assia Weekender Bag
Assia Weekender Bag or here


The Blues

I was asked just yesterday for my opinions regarding pattern-on-pattern, and I have to say, I'm a huge fan. That said: YOU CAN #FAIL at pattern mixing. If you're nervous about it, put it together and then show a trustworthy friend. My general thoughts are: keeping it in the same color family is a good way to start, and make sure the prints are not too similar. That's a mess. Break them up a bit with a solid, like this stark cream By Malene Birger top-it allows both pieces to stand on their own and gives them enough room to look good together! I'm obsessed with the jeans-not only patterned but TEXTURED too! ALL of these lovelies are available at Fleur in Raleigh, and are great investments for transition dressing (I realize it's supposed to snow today, but come on)!  The gorgeous necklace is by Charlotte-based jewelry line Melvin and they are getting snatched up quick at Fleur. Get one ASAP! You need to know them!

Hudson Nico Skinnies

Lovely photos courtesy of Morton Photography!


Better Than New

Be still my heart...

This beauty is just one example of the gorgeous vintage at the House Of Landor show going on in Raleigh until tomorrow. I really wish there was a way for me to translate the beauty of this piece to y'all. The beading is inexplicable. I cannot begin to guess how much it would cost to re-create today. The under layer is light pink, which is marvelous against the shades of green of the beading. The back is a scoop style. It is magnificent. If you'd like the contact info for the show, or details on their services, email me at southernarrondissement@gmail.com!


Excuse Me Miss

RARELY do I feel compelled to write about kiddie things, but this little number from Gap Kids is giving me all kinds of baby Oscar de la Renta feelings. If you have a child, and that child is a girl, I implore you, buy her this dress. She will be the coolest kid on the playground. I mean, it has a drop waist and exposed zip. Why isn't this in my size?


Give Freely & Be Kind...

I was totally intending to do the obligatory Resolution post: do a cleanse, lose 100 lbs, be organized, blah, etc. Obviously that motivation came and went. But this morning I was reminded of a greater goal in which to be resolute: be kind, be thoughtful. I went later than usual to my regular Starbucks; I have been out of my morning routine since Christmas and haven't been there over the holidays. One of my favorite baristas, Patrick, went to work on my drink before I'd even ordered (creature of habit), and when I made my way to the pick up counter he handed me an envelope and gave me a hug. He had written me a holiday card wishing me happy holidays and thanking me for being a valued customer. He had been carrying it in his apron pocket since the day before Christmas, waiting for me to come in. The front is a statement from Starbucks called "Why We're Here". It reads: To provide an uplifting experience that enriches people's daily lives. It may seem sappy, but that's exactly what Patrick and his co-workers do. They do their jobs with gusto and always with a smile, often at an hour when I personally dislike everyone, and still go an extra mile to spread cheer and joy. It made my eyes do that thing where they water. It reminded me that we could all take a cue from them: smile more, care more and give more. The little Pinspiration I found above highlighted some of these qualities I see every morning at my local coffee shop. If we're going to make resolutions, it should be these things, and I'm going to challenge myself to be more like my barista this year. 

If you're wondering Raleighans, (yup, I made that up) it's the Starbucks in Cameron Village. Go give Patrick a hug. I also recommend the Starbucks across from the movie theater in North Hills.


Power To The Powder

Soo inspired by this gorgeous powder room makeover (above) by the talented ladies of Fleur. Guys that's flocked velvet. And lucite. #SorryNotSorry

 I think the powder room is an under-utilized place to add a wow factor. I am a pretty big fan of white walls, but admittedly, they're not very creative. Adding color/pattern/texture to this small space that is typically overlooked from a design perspective is a total surprise and delight for the lucky guests that stumble into it! Below are some other faves for powder room inspiration!


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