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The Largo Lounger
I do not necessarily consider my dogs to be sophisticated (well, one is-the other one is very pretty, but not so much an intellectual), but these dog beds are certainly for the discerning dog. These beds by NEST in Gainsville, Florida are not only decor-friendly, but are eco-friendly as well. The beds are hand crafted (in the US, which I love) from locally sourced sustainable hardwoods. That's a business model I can totally get behind. The cushions are filled with a hypo-allergenic fiberfill made from recycled soda bottles, and are coated with an EPA-approved fabric protector to keep germs out! They're pricey, from about $490-$750, and they also have cushion beds starting at $135. But you're getting a great looking, custom, socially responsible product for your best friend!!! The cushions come in a variety of great looking prints (see below), and you can even submit your own fabric to coordinate with your decor. (If I hadn't already been told I would be committed if I get another dog, I'd ask them to throw the little guy pictured above in with my order.) You can shop NEST's beds on Taigan. 

Visit Taigan:

or NEST's website:

The Florida Lounger

Hank & Waylon, my best buds!

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