Wanderlust: Ocean View Club

The glimpses of spring and sun and warmth are giving me a major case of wanderlust, and I find myself Frequenting the Ocean View Club’s website and Instagram account over and over again. They have an almost cryptic website; it’s full of gorgeous pictures (like all of the ones you see here) but little else by way of actual “hotel” information. And I don’t really think they even consider themselves a hotel; they essentially say as much, instead calling OVC “like a second home to those we call our guests”. Whimsical no? The property is home to a menagerie of animals including dogs, a handful of goats and a donkey, which I adore. Rooms are full-on shabby chic, beach style. No carpet, no whirlpool tubs. A place where shoes are likely discouraged. Outdoor showers. Heck, outdoor clawfoot tubs…looking into the deep blue yonder. Reviews are mostly good, some folks don’t love the more rustic elements of the accommodations, but I’d think you’d be better off if that is what you go there looking for. It’s a family run business, so there isn’t a large staff. But again, if you want to unplug on an island, and you love real beach living, I feel like this is paradise. Besides, the OVC is located on the spectacular Harbour Island, and there are plenty of gorgeous places to check out if you find yourself needing a bit of nightlife or a change of (exquisite) scenery.

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