Urban Perspective

It's Culture Friday here on Southern Arrondissement (gosh that's such a long word), and I am pleased to present to you the works of an old friend, Cameron Barradale. Cameron is a fellow Clemson Tiger who originally hails from Richmond, VA and he is currently getting a Master of Urban Design from Harvard's Graduate School of design, and then presumably take over the world. Sooo, yeah, he's no slouch. He also happens to be a very talented artist, and has taken up painting in his free time. In his paintings you will note "the presence of an urban condition", in the artists own words. What really engages me is the texture and the depth and dimension of color. In my (humble) opinion, abstract or modern art (that's what I consider this to be) is one of the most difficult realms in the painting world. I would say that I am a very novice painter, but I think it's very challenging to think in the abstract, much less translate that into art. Cameron signs his work as "Royall", which is his middle name, as well as his grandfather's name (isn't that a cool name). It's his way of paying homage to his roots. Below you'll find some of his recent work. 

Cameron does take commissions, I would jump on that now before he gets too busy (or expensive!) 
He can be reached at cameron.barradale@gmail.com or 804.543.1575

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