Turkey Day Survival Wear

Alice + Olivia Cape, Shopbop
I feel like you're supposed to look nice on Thanksgiving; despite the fact that every year I'm surrounded by a bunch of dudes that wouldn't notice if I were sporting a shaved head. It just seems like you should look holiday-ish. With other holidays, this doesn't really pose such a problem-with Thanksgiving, however, you have to factor in that your cute holiday outfit needs to be expandable. If you're not wearing something with stretch, you will inevitably be in sweatpants by 3:30. This year it seems certain designers had Thanksgiving in mind when they were planning their Fall collections. I love the idea of any of these "sweatpants" with a great cashmere sweater, or an oxford shirt and a great heel. It's a really uncomplicated look, and you can be both comfortable and stylish. Again, not that it matters around our house, but maybe yours.

3.1 Philip Lim, Obsessed!!! Shopbop

Isabelle Cashmere Sweater, J Crew

3.1 Philip Lim sweats, Shopbop

Cashmere sweater, Bop Basics, Shopbop. One of my faves, in a bunch of colors
J Crew skinny sweats, great price too!

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  1. Wish I had seen this defore Thanksgiving Eve so I had time to order!! Who knew sweats could be fashionable???



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