Congrats to Marysia SWIM!!!

Photo via SI.com

A HUGE congratulations to Marysia SWIM in Charleston! My annual motivation to hire a personal trainer (AKA the world-famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition) just came out this week, and this gorgeous photo features model Hillary Rhoda strutting her stuff in Marysia's Tiki convertible bottom!!! Marysia is a fabulous swim line based in Charleston that I am in LOVE with, and they're getting the attention that they deserve. The Tiki bottom featured in SI can be worn as shown on Hillary, or can be folded down for a less modest look! Amazing! Gorgeous! What an amazing accomplishment, I hope the girls at Marysia are celebrating!!!

Shop this look and the rest of the collection here:


  1. Thank you so much Catherine!! It's just my husband and I here "the Team" he was just doing a little girly dance for you though:) Moving to New York in April to grow the business...will miss my Charleston for sure!!!

  2. Oh that is FANTASTIC! I'm pretty sure that a mention in the swimsuit edition is just about as proud as a husband can get!!! Can't wait to see what ya'll do next!



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