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Here in the South (as in many places) people grow up with deeply rooted passion for their home team. North Carolina is an interesting place because in about a 15 mile radius there are 3 schools for whom being a fan is a way of life, and there is absolutely 100% NO crossover amongst that base. It's always weird when a Duke fan marries a UNC fan; people get awkward, you worry that the families won't get along, you assume divorce is emminent. The fans for most of the schools in the South similarly have the same passion for their schools; the ACC and the SEC have some of the most rabid, die-hard fans in the country if you ask me. Bonding over "your" team is one of those things that makes this area even more tightly knit. There is a sense of recognition when you realize someone else shares this passion; you feel like they definitely must know someone that you know, and we love to connect the dots. The  guys behind Tradition Scarves are tapping into our desire to identify ourselves as proud fans with their new line of European-style scarves that are perfect for game day. Will, Blaine, and Engin are Raleigh, NC natives (well not so much Engin, but he's spent plenty of time here) who saw a need for something more retro-chic than your Wolfpack sweatshirt to make your gameday statement. The Tradition Scarves are modeled after the European "club" scarves you often see on fans at international soccer matches. They're fashionable, they look good on everyone, they're warm, and they definitely let people know which side you're on.

NCSU Tradition Scarf
You can check out their website for ordering information. They have limited teams right now, but check back often if you don't see your favorite team yet, they'll have them soon. Also make sure to check out a special edition scarf the guys have put out; they created a pink scarf in honor of former NCSU basketball coaching legend Kay Yow. Coach Yow passed away from breast cancer in 2009 after a hard fought battle, 15% of the proceeds from the special edition scarf will go to the Kay Yow Fund established in her memory. It's worth crossing team lines for one of these bad boys.

Coach Kay Yow Special Edition Scarf $25
Check out the selection and order yours at:

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