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Not everyone has an eye to truly style an outfit. I think lots of us have a great appreciation for and a sense of style, but I think that there are few people that can break apart the elements of an outfit and then pull together the kind of outfit that people try to imitate. Trendsetters I guess? A pair of very pretty, very stylish girls in Charleston, SC are two (II!) of those trendsetters, and they literally get out of bed in the morning to help you be that girl too. Sarah Leigh and Leslie, the co-owners of II Brunettes in Mt. Pleasant just know how to dress; you don't go there for a top or a dress, you go there to get the full ensemble. They're just so hip, and keep such a close watch on trends and translations of said trends.

A II Brunettes look from Charleston Fashion Week

II Brunettes carries a great mix of lines from basic to funky, and price ranges to fit any budget. It's one of those stores you can walk out with a fab outfit for under $100, or you could blow your paycheck-totally dependent on your emotional state or your plans for the night. They carry some of my favorites: 12th Street Cynthia Vincent, Rachel Pally, J Brand, Mara Hoffman, Parker, T Bags, Splendid, House of Harlow and tons more. They also carry one of my very favorite jewelry and accessories lines Virgins, Saints, and Angels (VSA); a line featuring gorgeous necklaces and rosaries and more, all of which can be meaningful AND ever so stylish. Leslie is familiar with my obsession with their turquoise rosary, if anyone is looking for the perfect gift for moi.

VSA Magdelena Necklaces
The girls love to dress their clients, they go out of their way to help their customers be fabulous. If you're out of town, they are happy to ship you your particular obsession-obligation free-for you to try and decide, and they will always do their darnedest to get something in for you if it's possible.

An example of their styling. EVERY piece shown is under $100!! 
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