mac and murphy-a charleston paper company

Linda & Harriett wall calendar
Although I am writing to you on a blog, reaching you through the internets, I still strongly believe in the old fashioned art of letter writing. I think that there is a little rush of emotion when you check your mail and there is a hand-addressed envelope with your name on it mixed in with the credit card offers (toss them) and the Domino's and teeth bleaching coupons (save them). To me it says: you are worth this stamp that I had to purchase in order to get you this information. They love me!!! I think that stationary can be a beautiful expression of your taste or humor or sense of style. I respect the need for formal stationary and a functional understanding of Emily Post-style ettiquette, but I love that there are so many casual, fun options for dropping people a note these days. 

The mac and murphy storefront at 74.5 cannon street
To that end, the girls at mac and murphy in Charleston, SC are known for their whimsical collections of stationary, note cards, invitations, journals and more! The owners of the shop Liz Macpherson and Ami Murphy clearly have a sense of humor as well as an eye for beauty. Their storefront, a beautifully renovated historic space on Cannon Street, is open and bright and even includes a terrace garden-the perfect place to sit down and write to an old friend. Mac and murphy carries Linda & Harriet, SusyJack*, Snow and Graham and more. You can even go to the girls of mac and murphy to let the world (or just friends and family) know about your big day; they can handle your save the dates, shower invitations, and wedding invitations and they take care to represent the individual style of each bride! Call them to set up your appointment, or stop by to pick up some stinker cards!

stinker cards?!? i need them.

mac and murphy-a charleston paper company

74.5 Cannon Street
Charleston, SC 29403

****ALSO, for those of you in Charleston, mac and murphy is having an event for NEST a very cool and empowering organization aimed at lifting up female artisans and artists around the world. It's a great cause, and a fun place to learn more. The event is today (February 5th) from 1-4 at mac and murphy! Happy shopping!****

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