In With The New

I've kind of been cruising my favorite sites for a new bag lately. I'm not really a bag every season girl; don't get me wrong, I'll obsess all day long but it takes me a long time to commit to purchase as I like to buy the ones I'll like and keep forever. (Or until I have to pawn it.)(I kid.) I am currently carrying my trusty dusty pink Bulga bag from 2005. Ha! I know you remember. I tend to rotate in and out every 3-6 months until there's a new edition. Anyhoo, I love big bags, and I'm in the exploration stages of a new purchase. This lovely DVF bag caught my eye, and I put it on my list. I love the woven texture and the slouchiness of it, and I am very into the crossbody look these days. (I tend to lose things.)

Lo and behold as I was perusing one of my favorite stores in Raleigh, there it was!!! Does that seem like fate?

And I love the way the girls at Gena Chandler have it styled. To me, that is just the right casual transition look. Simple yet stylish, the whole "Oh, I just threw this on" look. Love it girls.

Check out this look, and the rest of the girls new arrivals on their Facebook page:

Or call them:



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