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I spent a large chunk of my time living in South Carolina. I have lived in each region of the state, from the Foothills to the Low Country, and spent a lot of time there growing up. I love South Carolina, and have always felt particularly connected to the Low Country. For those of you you haven't spent time in Charleston or the surrounding coastal areas, plan your next vacation there now! It is the one of the most laid back, beautiful places on earth. Charleston is continuing to grow into a hip new-South city; the history and beauty and romance oozes out of the cobblestones there, and it has really fostered a community of creative, artistic folks who are revitalizing the old buildings and starting new businesses. I constantly feel like the phoenix is coming out of the ashes in Charleston. The Low Country has a different feel to it; it moves slower, driving down 17 I roll down my windows and breathe in the marshy air. I am (to my knowledge) one of about 6 people who love the smell of pluff mud. (If you aren't familiar, pluff mud is the mud in which it is possible to turn yourself into a slime monster, and it has a very distinct smell.) Aside from that, there is something very rich about the fragrances that tickle your nose here. I think of magnolia trees and azaleas, and of the beautiful seagrass that reach for miles across some stretches of the marshes. It's a rich, earthy smell-very alive.  When I was living in Savannah a few years ago I stumbled upon a line of candles in Paris Market (one of the most fabulous stores in Savannah) that really captures the scents of the area. Low Country Luxe was created in Charleston in 2007 by Natalie Evans, a former product development specialist. Her line of fragrances is named after the Southern locales that inspired them. There's Charleston, Savannah, Gullah, Seagrass, High Cotton, and more. The candles are "eco-chic", soy-based, and the gorgeous packaging uses recycled paper. They make wonderful gifts or pick-me-ups; you can close your eyes and pretend that you're dozing in the hammock on the porch in Sullivan's Island.
New Orleans candle
Low Country Luxe has also added another line of candles called Little Luxe Collection, with their names and scents playing on the familiar nature of living amongst Southerners (Beau, Belle, and Sugah!). These little candles are full of personality and packaged as pretty as a present!
You can learn more about Low Country Luxe and their products on their website:

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