Fall Shopping List

So I plan to get more in-depth with this list, giving different options at different price points and several versions of each piece. Some of these I've already posted about but am reiterating here because...you really should get them. This weekend's weather has really forced me to acknowledge that the Fall wardrobe is soon to be a reality, and we've all just got to accept it and be prepared. I don't know about y'all but I am definitely doing a major cleanout this year. It's so bananas how your tastes evolve over the years, and I've had to recognize that some of the things I have held on to because I adored them are just not making it back into the rotation. My advice on closet cleanout is to get rid of things you haven't worn in two seasons-but if it's an investment piece or something you think will stand up long-term (like vintage long-term ladies) you can make allowances. See what shoes can be refurbished and get rid of the ones that are beyond repair. Same for accessories like jewelry and handbags. THEN take stock of what the holes in your wardrobe are. Make a list. Stick with the list. I talked myself out of an Anthropologie cardigan just today because IT'S NOT ON THE LIST. It's a training process. But SO worth it long-term. Stay tuned for a drill down on my list, and click on the item to get details!

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